Thursday, December 8, 2011

Looking Back...

Today I spent a great deal of my morning reading posts of blogger friends. It all reminded me of the days when I used to blog about me. About whats happening in my life how I feel and all. Even when this blog was started I never knew, never imagined I will have about 15-20 short stories and over 50 poems. I had begun this with a mind that I will write Analogies and talk about life discreetly. But somewhere, I got high on the writing and was exploring new stuff, poems and stories and there was no looking back at how it all began. Today, something made me want to explore the previous posts. And, if you read through these you will probably see me as a different person all together. So, linking back to some posts which are not stories or poems but are just me:

The Power of Unrest: I had written this post when I was trying for placement through my college. I had never faced rejection, got placed effortlessly in Engineering but in this written exam I was put on hold. I didn't even want that IT job back then. I didn't know what I wanted. But, guess what, they called for an interview later and I did get placed in the first company I tried for. Yep. That's where I work now and I love my IT job. 

Different Worlds: This is a post which I had written more for myself than others. It is about judging people. 

Lights: I had written  this post around Diwali last year. My sister was about to get married. It was fun time! 

The Battle: Being a tomboy, one is not very sure what to do when walks into a beauty saloon alone.  This was one such experience. 

Unsighted: This  was what I had written when I realized how people are much more than what we know them to be- in a good way.

Fragile Happiness: This is an analogy I am so proud of. The dynamics of happiness aren't that easy.

Small Initiatives: It doesn't take a huge leap, it take a small step to get you where you want to be.

Grief.. in decibels: This was what I had written when there was constant construction noise that had managed to make my life hell.


Saru Singhal said...

Quite a journey, it's always good to look back and re-live those moments again.:)

Susan Deborah said...

Great to look back and savour the wonderful bygones. Looks like someone is already geared up for 2012.

Well, stay happy and peaceful.

Joy always,

phatichar said...

great blog u have here..u write really well..bookmarking (i know i's a forgotten word) you.

:-Dee said...

Blogging journey strikes a parallel with life's journey... as we keep growing, we yearn to do better and try and explore new realms. Ditto! May you have many more years of happy blogging! You are a gifted writer Sameera... keep writing... :)

Yuvika said...

a wonderful year closing post - it's good to read abt u too!

Sameera said...

@Saru- Ya.. it is strange how we start and move in a direction never imagined. Yep.. nice to look back.

@Susan- Yeah.. gearing up for the new new year.. ah I love December!! :)

Good, warm nice day to you dear Susan!

@phatichar- Thanks for bookmarking :) :d

@Dee-Thank you for the lovely wishes and comments. Happy blogging to you too. BTW.. imp. I am not able to comment on your blog. :( Please change the comments to pop up if possible the embed within page seems to have a problem.

@Yuvika- :D You know what I was re-reading that post about sister's wedding and I found you and Susan in the comments. :P Ha.. nice we still visit each other. :)

Good day Yuvika! :D

TheBluntBlogger said...

Sameera, I so long to read personal notes from you <3

I would read the tomboy story, as I connect with it...I feel lost at salons :-/ and rather odd too...I want to be pampered but at the same time I am too shy...

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Isn't it wonderful to look back and see how you've come so far.....

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

This is the first time im visiting your blog. And im glad i read this post first! I've got to read so much of what you've written! :)

Sameera said...

@Chintan- :) I know it so strange to sit there and let them pluck your hair, cut it toss it around. It feels crazy.:P

@Corinne- :)

@Happy Go Lucky- Ey hey.. glad you liked what you read. Hope you drop by again.

Susan Deborah said...

Looking at the posts you have mentioned, I see that I have visited almost every post but one.

Cheers to our friendship and blogs.

Have a lovely Sunday, dear Sameera.

Joy always,

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