Sunday, May 29, 2011


A cobweb. It is delicately woven. Just strong enough for the builder to trot on it. Strong enough for the builder to get his/her desired. But weak, very weak by its very fabric and it's reason for existence.Straining, swaying suspended in the middle of no where.Torn but re-build as it dips in time. 

Such is our guard. Our mental fort. Our barriers to what lies around us. We carefully weave a list of dos and don'ts sometimes we are taught these for our own safety. Forever we survive in these limits of woven shackles. We believe we are doing fine. We get food. We get some company by people who get caught in our web. Who carefully pass the guards. Make their way into our lives. We define it to be perfect. We extend our boundaries. We expand these webs. But want we fail to realize is we are still restricted. We are bounded. We get restless. We get paranoid and rebuild theses webs if we face a blow. 

Why can't we just suspend in the air? Not know in which direction to move? When every road invites us to an unknown adventure. Why can't we smile at a passing stranger? Why can't we take more chances? Why do we protect ourselves? What are we protecting ourselves from? Why do we weave complexities around us? Why do we live in cobwebs?

For once let it all go! Let words from your heart resonate with the world. Walk. Run. Do something. Forget what will follow. No guard. No web. A journey unrestricted. A path unknown. A pattern undefined. A life of your own.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thanks for the memories..

Thanks for the memories, I whisper into the air
Let it rove and halt, to find you somewhere

I see your blurred image, behind my shut eyes
A familiar stranger, I am caught in surprise

I've known you, I know- but I know not how
Let life unfold this mystery endowed

Thank you is all, I can hear myself say
For I find not better words-that can repay!


P.S.: This poem is inspired by the novel- "Thanks for the memories" by Cecelia Ahren

Few classic lines from the novel..."How close happiness and sadness are. So closely knitted together. Such a thin line, a thread-like divide that in the midst of emotions, it trembles, blurring the territory of exact opposites. The movement is minute, like the thin thread of a spider's web that quivers under a raindrop. "

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tiptoeing ?

We grumble. We ache. We silently complain. We wish things get better. We dream of better things. We are constant self naggers. We don’t accept what we have. We refuse to believe. We refuse to have patience. We get dejected. We fall into deep emotional pits. We complain about life.  We try to avoid all the falls!

We behave like an OCD maniac who tip-toes on the street to avoid a fall. We are tiptoeing in our life. What difference would it make to bruise a knee, fall face down, break a leg, see your trust shattered into million pieces, face shut doors, reach dead ends, and take wrong turns or miss something?  NOTHING!

It is not about looking for the best in everything. That is honestly wishful thinking. There are dark areas, there are pain points. There are things that will make you roll into a ball and cry. The point I am trying to make here is- good things happen. Bad things happen. We Learn. Unlearn. Relearn. Or don’t learn. What ever we do- Life goes on. Good things happen. Bad things Happen. Poof!

End of story.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful Enigma!

I waited long to find an answer
I met a gardener, a child and a dancer
Tell me what real beauty is, I asked
Teach me to see beyond the masked

The gardener walked me through the grass
Showed me a beauty none can surpass
Real beauty is like the miracle land
Unkempt mind tilled, with one’s own hand

I asked the kid, what real beauty is
A pair of lips which on my wounded knee kiss
A hand that holds and wipes my tears
A heart I can open to and scare away my fears!

What is real beauty , I asked a dancer
Self-belief, self -pride was the simple answer
Real beauty is to feel at home in your skin
It is to feel the beauty, feel the dance within!

Real beauty to me, to you, is a different hue
But all our definitions are very true
For real beauty lies in each one of us
Beauty in different ways, we all posses!


This poem is written as a part of 

Dove Real Beauty on Yahoo! India

Friday, May 20, 2011

Yawn! (Haiku)

Eyelids battle sleep
Flimsy night shadows the day
Stretched arms and a yawn!

P.S: This my first attempt at  "Haiku"!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Autumn Maroon..

Hope flickers but dazzles like a clouded moon
Love slipped into deep slumber with no one to commune
But silken warmth still threads the heart like a cocoon
Waiting for a shade of the Autumn Maroon...

Like the roads that lay hidden, beneath the maple hue
Mundane days hide paths, that would lead to you
Though not a hint of direction or a dim clue
Faith wraps around my mind, and I pull through

I know, love is a wind one cannot chase
Like seasons of nature-with time it will embrace
Yet restlessness sets in, but no worry nor haste
A desire for search to meet the end, when our worlds interlace..


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Seeds of sorrow..

There was care in your recklessness
A sense of calmness in your restlessness
A sense of belonging in the myriad talks
A deeper meaning to the casual walks

You defined what it is to be ruled by the heart
You defined what it is to fall apart
You defined me as a woman I could never be
You defined a new me to me

When our paths cross, please pass a smile
Let my worries elude me for a while
For moments without you, like seeds of sorrow
Grow deeper into my heart with every tomorrow

Say a hello! Maybe once in a while
Let feelings for a second feel worthwhile
I know but I can’t help- there is no other way
Cannot take back my heart after you swept it away!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Caught in your rain!

Your words splatter, trickle down to my heart
Your sweet whispers splash, a colourful art!

I lie down without worry and kiss the falling rain
Celebrate this feeling with nature’s champagne

I am flushed, I am rushed-I have no words to explain
Just soaking in your love while I am caught in your rain!


55 Fiction#12 Sprinklers

Hiding under an umbrella she blurted out “You told me it will rain! I ate my vegetables. You cheated!”

This adamant tiny little creature- her own flesh and blood had learnt to pull out the strings of her heart and leave her in mayhem.

The lawn sprinklers were turned on. Finally, a smile brought peace.

PS: Happy Mother's Day!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Changing Seasons..

These leaves clasp the changing times
Like wind captured in the tune of chimes

The joy in the gait of a new season
Vivid change of colours, a worthy reason

The promising green and the celebrated yellow
Moments turning into memories mellow

Welcoming warmth and a teary depart
Goodbye kisses to mark a gleaming start!


PS: A poem sang out of my heart when I clicked this picture. Finally here it is- in words.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You bring with you my laughter
You fill my heart with Spring
Love blossoms each day
Onto your fragrance I cling!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011


A fragile crystal snowflake
Gently glides in the air
It makes me think about you
I hold my breath and stare!

Delicate pure serene love
That you sprinkle on my day
No less a miracle
Than this snowfall on my way

The sun rays that pat
And slowly melt the glaze
Remind me of your warmth
That set my heart ablaze!



Look into my eyes
Read what I cannot tell
Enchanted by your love
I am cast under your spell

My heart grew a shade darker
It is deep crimson red
It slipped from my grip
Into your arms it fled!

You leave me speechless
No words, I just smile
I hush my heart to stay calm
Douse in you for a while!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Love Note!


Your eyes give away what you hide
Your heart through your eyes confide
Conversing glances, words cannot define
I feel my heart dip in wine!


P:S: I tried very hard to build this, add a para or two. But these four lines- are complete. No addition was possible.
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