Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Unusual - Part2 [Short Fiction]

Part-2 Start

That evening as she drove back from office-she figured out she was comfortably ahead of her so called life plan. For a woman of twenty six she had fair share of investments, a stable job, independent and healthy (*touchwood*) parents and a very loving relationship with her boyfriend. He was suave, matured, well settled and had enough charm to keep her constantly amused.  “Didi.. Do phool lelo na didi.(Please buy few flowers ) ” She zapped back from deep thoughts that refused to elude her. “Nahi.. Acha..dus ke phool de do ( No.. okay give me flowers for ten rupees).” After momentary distraction at the traffic signal driving on the silken road she nudged her brain cells- Nothing. Nothing.Nothing. Arrghhhhhhh! She shook her head as if affirming the emptiness of her mind and suddenly clamed down.

Climbing up to the fourth floor she smiled at everyone who passed by making friendly little chats on her way. She rushed and shut the door stood in front of a mirror. “Am I happy?”  Her lips instantly bent into a smile and her eyes lit up. Yeah! Hell Yeah! She rummaged around the breakfast table and picked up that paper. She drew a sharp upward slant followed by series of bumps. “Am I sad?” Her hand refused to move. She reluctantly scribbled few lows on the paper. She left the pencil on the table – let it roll over its flat surface and hit the floor breaking its nib.

Chilled water bounced off her skin as she splashed it against her face. In few seconds a layer of white foam covered her features. She popped open her eyes to catch her image in the mirror. She smiled at the snowman bauble staring back at her- hanging above the mirror. Her refection felt same. The smile broadened. She put on her best top and headed out for dinner. She was sensuous, intelligent and carried herself with an unmatched grace. She unlocked the door ran back in for a moment grabbed the paper piece and shoved it in her purse.

Spreading it out with her palm she ironed the folded piece of paper on the table carefully placing it in the dry area between the moist rims of table cloth at the base of the wine glasses. He smiled at her-“ What is this..? A coded love note with a heartbeat?” He waited for her to respond but she didn’t. Instead, she had that  I figured it all smile! He was very familiar with that smile. Back in their early courtship days- he would see her swing up and down for inexplicable reasons. Putting off scheduled dates, getting lost in between conversations… He had almost concluded her to be uninterested in the relationship or too delusional. But just when his irritation would reach its brink she would pace in with a bundle of energy and tell him the most wise explanation connecting life. He had eventually learned that she was unusual and her I figured it all smile! meant something interesting was coming up. He smiled back.

She waited for his initial thoughts to process and die out. She wanted a clean slate to present what she had found. “Okay here you go!” she paused and cleared her throat. “Can you answer a few simple questions?” He raised his glass in response and clinked!

To Be Continued…………….

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P.S. No.. it is not a love story. :]  Wait for the final Part ;]

The Unusual - Part1 [Short Fiction]

Her eyes fixed on the television screen-following the heartbeat flashing on the ECG of patient Rohnda being treated by Dr. Douglas in ER.  She felt sadness rush through her heart. Her face fell. The dinner she was enjoying till now was left cold. Before she realized the episode ended. On a good day she would have had a wonderful time watching her favourite show, would have slept with a smile with the crazy dialogues running through her head at times making their way into her dreams resulting in waking up with a smile.

Dr. Douglas was as charming as ever.  But, today she bluntly switched off the television. Her eyes painted the heartbeat right in front of her as if they were fixed on her vision like viewing through a funky glass affixed before her twin eyeballs. The tiny crests, the high, the low, the little jumps and little falls-the heartbeat. A faint smile surfaced on her lips. She pulled out a piece of paper and drew a horizontal line across it. She put a dot below it. Suddenly feeling tired she snuggled under her rug after switching off the lights. Beneath shut eyelids she tried to process a reason for this abysmal low she felt. She smiled again at the irony -how she shut off the lights in these strange dark nights and looked for answers. Before she could decide the reason sleep had won the battle over thoughts and her mind shutdown into a dreamless slumber.

Next morning – she looked at the piece of paper. She saw the little dot below the line. She took a bite of the   ginger toast, sipped in some coffee and spent a few seconds before she drew the path of a plane take off right from the dot above the line that cut the sheet into two equal halves. She tried to figure out a reason again. But morning time was way too demanding to be invested in crazy little thoughts. So, brushing aside everything she rushed over the hectic schedule for the day. She knew she would get back to it in the evening rather for few more evenings.

To be continued.. 

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P.S: The story is very unusual. It is not a love story. It is not a story about pain. It is not like any other story that would have read. But in the end it does have something to convey. Wait for the next two parts. :)
P.P.S: This is my first public attempt at short fiction - be kind and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love Note (Haiku)

Tell me about love
That you wrapped around my heart
It grows everyday!


P.S. I thought of putting up a pic of a mother and a daughter but blogger didn't allow. :P [It is in 'love']

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Have you ever seen a still lake.. you pop one stone into it and the whole thing floats, forms beautiful ripples -layer by layer, ring by ring it spreads. It oscillates, it vibrates to that one motion set in by an unknown object tossed in, right there, out of the blue. At that moment the stillness of the lake- It's natural balance loses it's sheen. It gets a whole new meaning to it. As it was fluid just to feel this. It is it's very basic nature - fluid. 

Many times it happens that we are like the still lake. Clam. Serene and peaceful in our own lives and suddenly "plub" somebody tosses in a emotion unfamiliar, unknown unexpected- out of the blue. It could be the inexplicable pain you experience by looking at a child begging because he knows nothing better. It could be the unexpressed fear for a old stranger who is crossing a busy road. It could be the love that fills your heart when you see someone you never knew- madly into each other. It could be the joy, that smile on an unknown face that makes you happy without knowing what happened. It doesn't matter- if you don't know. 

In a moment the emotion hits us and before we know and realize.. there are these little crests formed in our fluid lives. Molecule by molecule. Affecting us. These emotions float on the surface like a weighless leaf that gently glides on the water leaving a trail.Or they are like the ripples that make the otherwise dull lake relive with dynamic enthusiasm. We don't comprehend how these people surrounding us are tossing in there emotions. How we are tossing our emotions into their lives. It is beautiful. If you truly understand what I say.. because I have no words to describe that feeling.

At the end of that moment when the motion ceases. The crests, the waves vanish. It is not the end. What happens to the stone that gets tossed in the lake? It slides down and slips to the bottom. It rests on the bed. And the lake and the unknown object. Co-exist. That's what happens to us too. The emotions we feel for no particular reason- we find balance in them. They sink in our souls- teach us something and we live with them. Still again yet fluid. And it is beautiful. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Heart of Gold

Lost in the merry and the cries of living
Burden of joy that didn’t sprout from within
She embarked on a journey- to feel akin
To the beautiful soul that had been

She trotted the paths she had never known
She threw away everything she called her own
She trampled all once treated with glassy care
A realization of mundane -sordid satire

It wasn't the wisdom of the learned or the old
Nor it was the travel to a distance- far ashore
It was her spirit that unveiled a tale untold
A luminous smile-from her heart of gold!


P.S. This poem is inspired by the main protagonist of the movie- Eat Pray Love

Friday, June 17, 2011

A serenade..

Hope you too caught the beautiful moon
As lush clouds hugged the night sky

Hope with the breeze you felt attune
As music played when it brushed by

Hope you too danced slow somewhere far
As I cradled myself and gently swayed

Hope you too heard me sing alone
As it was for you- a serenade!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

55 Fiction #13: The Big Wink!

Clam weather. Soulful wind. Engine grumble of a Royal Enfield .  Perfect ride.  He smiled. His thoughts were suddenly halted by a buzzing bug. It came out of nowhere and squished right into his eye. He shut his one eyelid….

 A pleasant voice hurled some unpleasant words at him- “You b@&+@?# winking huh??”

Arrrgh Women!

P.S: Written based on few observations. Now the sample could be flawed ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Comedy Affair!!

It seemed like an endless endeavour
For this otherwise clever girl, however

She managed to confuse simple routes
Bought expensive plants without roots

She got wet in the rain in her office wear
She smiled at the ones with a shocked stare

Dropped money not a 100 but a grand on the road
Even managed to get her vehicle towed

She walked, she tripped, broke sandals on flat grounds
The laughter she spread was competitive to the clowns

The wind blew and messed up her hair
        With ruffled bristles on head, she walked unaware

Didn't she worry, didn’t she care?
With some flops everyday it was a comedy affair!!


P.S. Based on the life  of a real, living creature- me!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The complaint list!

1. The sink that won't drain by itself

2. The voltage fluctuations  leave me sitting in a dim yellow light because the tube-lights won't switch on

3. The voltage fluctuations.. choke my fan and make it swirl like it is dying a silent death

4. My inability to keep my door open to let the wind gush around my room because I am too paranoid about the little kiddy next door who will irrespective of my time and mood want to play Goa-Goa, Aunty-Aunty or Baba-Baba (Don't ask.. what games!)

5. How annoying could it be to NOT use a speaker that can blast awesome music left right and center and fill your little home with some life.

6. The vehicle which is squeezing out all the stupid cash I could have mindlessly spent and felt little happy. Wait.. it is the repair guys who are killing my vehicle.

7.Mindless powercuts..! To come home and walk into darkness.

8. Clothes.. How do I wash them. The dhobi tore off my awesome kurta..! I have a pile of month old used clothes.  Have something stupid to wear for office.

9. Would girls die of they didn't crowd the loo for their little make-up sessions in the middle of work. What the heck..they spend 98% of the time staring at the monitor... what is their aim.. I mean.. do they want to seduce the monitor make it kiss them?

10. Clutter!! I have messed up my home :( it needs full on clean up!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parallel worlds

Our eyes glanced at the radiant sun
Dreams were dreamt on cotton clouds
Two pair of feet in synchrony, on the earth we ran
Days were spent dipped in the sherry
Conversations spun like forest fires
Hearts were numbed, unfazed in the rain

Mind unattended, begged to differ
Vision blinded under wraps of love
Million cells, once owned- lost self recognition
Mere responding to the rhythm of the paired
Thoughts suspended in a rut without care
World warned as days, months and years were done

Today we are here back to life
Eyes pinch, noticing the changes once uncared for
Time demands the years lived in a parallel world
People lost- blaming we ignored them all
The mirror faces an unknown image
Memories erased- what do we know?


P.S: This.. I think is a prose.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nature Hearts..

When you pause to hear the iridescent rain
Your words sink but I drench in your thoughts

When you talk about the leaves, the swaying trees
Your images like the wind –tousle, brush past my mind

When you describe your lone walks in the Gulmohar lanes
I see a red hue blind my eyes and my heart blooms

When you tell me about nature, Like I tell it to the world
I know I have found you.. a mate for my soul


Friday, June 3, 2011

Let it go...

Dove, that flutters free in the sky
If I cage it won’t its beauty die?

Flower, which adorns a youthful tree
If I cut it will its grace survive?

Wind, that blows, twirls and swirls
If I hold it in my arms can I make it stay?

Moon, that lights up the lovely night sky
If I clasp it in my palm won’t the sight pale?

Love, wild, subtle and juvenile
If I lock it in my heart won’t I stop it grow?

Life , of worries, wishes and dreams..
If I could let it free, let it go!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gulmohar! (Haiku)

Glowing and fiery
In the mellow morning light
Eyes espied passion!  


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