Monday, February 28, 2011

Small initiatives

There are times we have this unsettled feeling. While mostly we are seeing things with utmost clarity, quickly  making analysis in our brain about what to do next.. we suddenly suspend, fall in a rut and do things out of routine. Our brain stops registering that we have options to make things better. To improve, to change and to reason things out. We get irritated, frustrated and feel helpless not understanding what is causing our mind itch, what is holding us back?? It is not great issues in life that we slip through. It is mostly as simple as putting your shoes back in the shoe rack as against kicking them off on the floor. It is simple. Simple as smiling at someone you know rather than waiting for them to recognize you. Simple as letting go. Simple as deviating from the routine and being different once in a while.

The biggest task is to keep our eyes open, look for simple issues. Simpler solutions. It is very difficult to do that. We don't really notice how we have changed ! We are tricked to think when was it any better? But do we ask ourselves as to why can't it be any better now? What stop us from taking initiatives. Small ones.

It works wonders. The only effort it takes to look at a door and open it.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I packed my brain
Sent it on a memory drive
I relived few moments
And I felt alive

I shed a few tears
I won’t lie
But the time has come
I have to say bye

I talked sense
To my bleeding heart
I made my friends promise
“We shall never part!”

Mentally preparing
Has worked I guess
My eyes now just
Look at progress

I am all set
For what’s coming up next
I leave the ambiguity
Let my mind rest

I wave my hand
I take a bow
With a smile on my face
 I am ready to go


PS: This poem is specially dedicated to my batch mates and juniors ( from SDMIMD)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Of the million ways that humans communicate in, the simplest form of communication is via expressions. The beauty of the whole thing is-expressions communicate to us with unbelievable clarity.

Not only does a smile on someone’s face communicate their joy but it infects us. It makes us feel. It touches us somewhere. Same is with pain, the long face; the lowered eyelids pinch our heart. Or at least make us think once as to what would have caused so much pain for the other person. What made him or her sad? Like this there are various other expressions of surprise, joy, fun, shock, disgust, so many of them… and we decode them all. We sense them, we feel them, and we internalize them. Now won’t that equip us with better ability to understand one another?

But we look for smarter options. We are always waiting for people to speak up, tell us things, discuss. At the same time, we always want to share what we feel, we want at least one soul who will lend us an ear and listen to what we have to say and understand it in the way we want them to understand it.  

And how easy it is to trace a fake expression! Haven’t we all caught it? We did. But we rely on explanations, theories and words. Tell me can you capture in words the joy in the heart of child when he plays, that laugh on his face? Can you capture in words the pride on the face of a father of a worthy son? Can you explain to in words the love that shows on the face of a mom as she cooks food for you.. or will I understand what it means when I see her eyes as she watches you eat?

Words by themselves will always fall flat.. unless you emote, liberate, and let an expression loose. Unless you show the cheer on your face when happy, a stern face when you are angry, a glint in your eye when you talk of love..!  And if someone still misunderstands you .. run for your life. Cause if they don't sense your expression.. they cannot be a human.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Temporary misguide

What is it that I like about you?
I can’t seem to decide,
I don’t feel much but
Have little something to hide

Just a careless conversation
Brings me back to the start
I laugh and brush it aside
As a joke of my confused heart

I know one thing for sure
It’s just few things about you I like
And that it ain’t good enough
To make the two of us strike

No harm in telling you
Oh I would take pride
But what good will it do?
It’s a temporary misguide


Monday, February 14, 2011


Wonder what it would be
When you’d find me and I’d find you
When we’d finally discover
A Love, that is true

If you too would like
The shimmering rain
Like to see it rustle,
Down, a window pane.

Would you too long
For affectionate smiles?
A hand to hold,
When you have to walk miles?

Would you need someone to cuddle
When lost, without clue?
Someone to talk 
When you are down and blue?

Would your heart warm
To a particular tune?
Would you too feel romantic
When you watch the moon?

Would we laugh at jokes,
Only we would know?
Talk with our eyes
Watch each other grow?

We have never met each other
How would we know?
Whatever is in store for us
Only time shall show


P.S: Happy Valentine's Day!! ♥ 

Friday, February 11, 2011


My eyes lock on pretty dresses,
My skin demands some care.
I never bothered ever before,
But now I brush my hair!

My cupboard suddenly houses,
kurtas and a floral top.
My shoes are silently ignored,
My feet in dainty sandals hop.

A desire to look fine and nice,
No, it is not any of the guys.
I have no reason to tell lies,
No logical ground for this caprice.
Just the girl in me, I surmise.


PS: Reality! :d

[Very soon.. I will be banned for abusing use of PS! :P ]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

55 Fiction #10 Weary Admirer


I remain uncaught
Every time I stare
While you are so unaware,
It’s my moment of despair!
Don’t you have a need to know
Or a moment to spare?
Can’t you see glint of love
In friendly smiles we share?
My heart reaching out to you
In words I string with care.
~ Weary Admirer

Pic courtesy: (=P)

PS: there is a inspiration- but I am not the Protagonist! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fragile happiness!

Happiness is the most fragile and sensitive emotion. Beautifully delicate like a air bubble - it floats around freely.

It is born out of simple wishes, our small pockets of joy hidden in moments spread across the years of our lives.Happiness too has a definite end. Like a air bubble it too will eventually vanish. Like a air bubble it also changes its shapes- defines and redefines its boundaries.

Some days our happiness bubble is achieved only when we blow enough air in our pompous life and fill it with unreasonable wishes and demands. Asking for more than what we deserve and need to be satisfied or be discreetly happy.  Or we find ourselves euphoric by  a simple delight in just being and existing in whatever situation and be thankful for breathing. Be thankful for life.

Like one losses the control over a air bubble as it detaches itself  from the ring and floats in thin air. Our happiness moves beyond our ability to maneuver from the moment when we feel it. One hasty remark or an unrelated incident  is just that little that is needed to make it pop! It is a common phrase - happiness multiplies when shared.. but how many times have you witnessed someone's happiness being received by jealously, misunderstanding and erratic response? It is sad... many times people don't even realize they burst a bubble!

One might argue one should find one's own peace and delight and live oblivious to the world."I care a damn!!" is the "in" thing! True, that might make one happy. But what is life without care for one another? How long can you shield yourself from what others do and say? We hate to admit it but we don't have much control over sustaining the happiness we create for ourselves.

It is natural for these air bubbles to either burst, grow or live on. A air bubble cannot expect smooth surfaces where ever it travels. The only game plan we have is to keep blowing our air bubbles. Find and discover our little joys. In abundance.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

55 Fiction#9: Silly rituals!

 He remembered all the Valentine Day’s he had rubbished.  Today his heart pounded and he felt much younger. He knocked the door..A fragile old lady opened it. She smiled, pleasantly surprised by the red roses. He sheepishly confessed- “Forty five years into marriage, now I finally find sense in these silly rituals Happy Valentine’s Day!”


We travel to various destinations to find some break from the routine. I have always wondered what makes this tick? The new place or the fact we will be mentally and literally moving away from what bores us. Either ways we all have our journeys mental and otherwise which we embark on to find some grounding and stretch ourselves back into the track.

"My purpose trip" would be all the countless trips I took to the Bangalore Airport. Oh.. no is it not a boring place to be. In fact it is my grounding destination (ironically!) where I mentally prepare myself for the days to come while shuttling between college and home.
pic courtesy:

Over anxious, I always decide to leave a little early and I land up 3 hours before the necessary formalities begin. Two trips and my brain could gauge the time required to reach the Airport. But somehow I figured out that I loved the time I spent there and made no effort to change it. I obviously prefer to travel alone. It is like a place a destination where I can stay alone in the crowd.

I have some Airport rituals.. I always have a book, I eat at one place and I enter only via the left hand most gates (the security guard there is more pleasant). He smiles unlike the one manning the other gate. He cross checks my face with suspicious eyes while he looks at my ID proof, a driving license issued on my eighteenth birthday. Now.. six years is a long time too bad they don’t allow us to update photos.  Am I to blame? Then, there it is. I step in and find a sense of peace. The big glassy walls shielding me from rest of the world, arriving at junction from where I could go anywhere. The only constraint, already having a ticket and being bound to a destination.

I normally book by Go Air, they allow me to get my boarding pass little early and then I move to the first floor of the B’lore airport. I love how the washrooms are strategically located. Just when you climb up and realize you might want to use the loo before the security blah is done. Voila!! Other plus points for the place is definitely the medical store in the right place!

After the boring security checks, I reach my most favourite spot. If the phrase “between the devil and deep blue sea” had to be built in worldly life, it would be this.  One finds oneself torn between catching the flight and getting lost in the over priced but still a shopper’s miniature paradise. As usual I get myself a book from the crossword , (that’s a big task- they have limited collection there!) grab a bite at the Indian food court which serves what seems like NRI (Not recognizable as Indian) food.  I park myself on the comfy chair bang opposite the flight schedule display board. In case of a good book, I get immersed in the book and don’t look at anybody. But, in case I am stuck with a book I blew up my money on. I engage myself in people watching. Building stories around their behaviour, sometimes matching the playlist on my mp3 to tune their moods…

What I love about it is the randomness and the routine.  A destination where I can sit all by myself and watch people play their roles and live there lives. While I just sit back and rest, slowly untangle my own issues. A place to contemplate on how I have been. A place where I can just be. A place to unwind between destinations, a place to take my mental journeys and holidays. 

I'll end this post with few lines from Lenka's song thats sums up "My purpose trip to the Airport"

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle. Life is a maze and love is a riddle, I don't know where to go........I've got to let it go, And just enjoy the show

You can vote for my photo here (it is not allowed to click pictures at Airport so I had to come with my own image) 

This post is written for "Cleartrip. My Purpose Contest- Indiblogger"

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