Captured Writings!

 There is a very old saying which is very profound - "A picture is worth a thousand words".We believe that every piece of literary art needs a face and every picture require words to describe that art. This page tries to bring out the essence of some pictures through words while giving a picture to pieces of literary art.

We are two people who have come together to start this page. Sameera (Sam) is the literary artist here.Ashish is the shutterbug here. We hope you guys enjoy our work. Cheers!!!

Few short stories from our work till now..

  • The Best Art- Can a pair of beautiful eyes be an artists best capture?  
  • High Spirits! - A lively short fiction set in one of the pubs of a metro where the main protagonists battle the blows of an arranged married situation. Part-1, Part-2 and Part-3

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