Monday, February 14, 2011


Wonder what it would be
When you’d find me and I’d find you
When we’d finally discover
A Love, that is true

If you too would like
The shimmering rain
Like to see it rustle,
Down, a window pane.

Would you too long
For affectionate smiles?
A hand to hold,
When you have to walk miles?

Would you need someone to cuddle
When lost, without clue?
Someone to talk 
When you are down and blue?

Would your heart warm
To a particular tune?
Would you too feel romantic
When you watch the moon?

Would we laugh at jokes,
Only we would know?
Talk with our eyes
Watch each other grow?

We have never met each other
How would we know?
Whatever is in store for us
Only time shall show


P.S: Happy Valentine's Day!! ♥ 


Vivek Chamoli said...

Hi Sammy,

Very Nice poem on V'day Eve really get into the core of the relationship and toched some of its critical aspect.
Very touchy poem.

Thanks Sammy.
Happy V'day to you as well.

take care

Amropali said...

Feels like my sweet 16 valentine's day!

The beauty of anticipation and the sparkle of hope!


Victor Guerra said...

Very meaningful piece.

manasa said...

cute enuf :)

Susan Deborah said...

Someone is spouting poetry and how! full of love, longing and anticipation.

Love is such a feeling. It transforms.

I wish you the best in love and life.

Joy always,

Banashri said...

Meaningful feelings.

Vinitha said...


Sameera said...

Thank you!!

Welcome to the blog! Thank you!

Thanks :)



Thank you so much dear Susan!

:) thanks

Thank you!! :D

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