Saturday, October 16, 2010

The power of unrest

Have you been through this..? That state of unrest when everything that defines you malfunctions?

The times when you have to decide something 'important'. You won't rest till you have considered the opinion of everyone you value and have projected its possible outcomes, looked if there is flaw in your perception ...phew ya thats the state of unrest. You won't eat well or you'll eat too well [:P] , do random comfort giving things.. buy a book, get a haircut (then worry about bad haircut :] )

Play around for a while but in the end.. you have to talk it out to know.

When we decide something .. think about something.. it is easier to let it rest in our mind. What is difficult is to open it for public discussion selective public discussion. When others give their opinion it is like a blow of hammer. You react and justify your stand. You come up with reasons you never knew about why you want to do what you what to do. That state of unrest will capacitate you for everything that you don't know. It is like the shimmering fire that melts down all the pointless thoughts. Then all this unrest ends.. there is a clarity like a FL graded diamond. Thats when you see what you really want. Thats when you know what to choose. That is the power of unrest.

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