Monday, March 28, 2011

The flight!

I walk on the path afresh
To find foot prints of my folks
My heart swells with courage unknown
New responsibilities it evokes

Too grown up for one league
While young amongst the old
The wheel of life slowly creaks
In to a new role I mould

I shall try and do my supreme best
In to a new life I am reborn
Fly, live the dreams – yours and mine
With every blissful morn!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Goddess

She sits clam amidst the gushing sea
Her breath a celestial symphony
The wind playing along her hair
Unleash supremacy unaware

The sea feels captive under a spell
As her dainty feet on its rock settle
Music glitters, sprays across the skies
As violin plays with her glancing eyes

When her hand glides over the sand
It quivers, ripples- loses command
The roaring waves caress her feet
Fall back mute and gently sweep

She rises like a pleasant cadence
Flowers bathe in her blissful fragrance
She is woman, a glory, a royalty  
Mother Nature, a Goddess in harmony!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Old man's strife!

I glance through my window
I see an old man
Walking across the lane
Coins juggling in his can

With every coin dropped
His eyes lit up
He wishes nothing great
Just a rice cup

I see him strain
Walking weak and thin
A kaput rough stick
His kith and kin

I caught his wise poignant eyes
Telling a tale of his tattered life
Once a young man’s misfortunes
Now an old mans strife


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Answer my whys!

Mother O Mother
Can you answer my Whys?
I know no other
Who will answer me wise

You taught me to give little
From whatever I get
You taught me to cut into two
And share my bread

Then why I see, people cry?
One feasting over dinner
Sufficient for five?
While hungry people daily die?

Mother O Mother
Please answer me why
You told me I should never lie
Tell the truth when times try

Then why I see people blame?
Accusing each other
Making wrong claim?
Calling out a disgraceful name?

Mother O mother
Fight solves nothing is what you said
Anger is one’s biggest threat
It does no good and causes regret

Then why do I see?
Nations engaging in war
Shameful world watching silently
The blood shed galore?

Mother O mother
Didn’t anyone teach them to be nice?
Or do we forget things once taught
And grow up to be unwise?

Mother O mother
Why doesn’t the world know?
It baffles little kids like me
What I learn and what they show!


Friday, March 18, 2011


I sweat I bleed,
I fight I proceed,
I fall I stand up,
I don’t cry I hold up
I walk I run
With a goal I had begun
Finally I succeed
I am euphoric, I am freed!


P.S: Success is underrated! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Spirit!

Like a bird in an open field
I, flutter away
Like water on a river
I hustle rustle and sway

Like the wind without destination
My heart gently glides
It ruffles few leaves on the way
But no where it resides

Nothing can root me to the ground
Nothing can make me stay
A free spirit I will remain
Come what may


P.S: Don't miss the other poem updated yesterday "The confession!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The confession!

I hear your words
The lovely things you say
Just how you say it
Is what makes my heart sway

When I walk by your side
Having conversations undefined
Like a child on a swing
I freely unwind

I always wait
For your reassuring smile
It makes me feel beautiful
In my shabby old style

How casually you tuck
My hair behind the ear
I am too blinded now
Do I have to see clear?

Never thought I’d say these words
Or ever saw my feelings  grow
I am madly in love
Now I let you know!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For you, I pray!

Over thousand lives lost
Much more in pain
Empty broken houses
Roads red,with blood stain

Hues and cries
Dreadful screams
Watery hazy eyes
Over shattered dreams

Every heart froze
Eyes blinded with fear
Stable Earth toppled,
Like drunk, over a can of beer

How do they respond?
When lord pulled up the curtain
Suddenly staged a horrific play
Left actors with roles, uncertain?

All savings gone
Memories turned rubble
Oh dear nature
How could you cause this trouble?

My heart bleeds
As I hear people wail
Whom to hold responsible
Whom to put in a jail?

My only option now
Is to wipe a tear
And wish for recovery
In my daily prayer!


P.S: This poem is written keeping in mind the very unfortunate earthquake  that hit Japan.

Monday, March 14, 2011

End of the show!

Why do you still walk on my memory lane?
When I left you behind on a confused terrain
You had the company of a darling dame
I never loved you enough to be in the game!

Why does my mind splash the possibilities I have known
When I have already shut down this emotional cyclone
You are hopefully still merry and not alone
But my mind now battles a heart, overgrown

I am granted an unwanted wish, to be strong
I can feel no pain or no worry profound
My heart still intact, to luckier someone I shall bestow
I pull the curtains down, smile and sing, it's end of this show!

I have updated two posts today.. so don't miss reading the other one too "Little Heart!"

Little heart!

My heart like a baby
Silently sleeps
It dreams of the pleasantries
Smile dimples its cheeks

Its two curious eyes
Too innocent but deep
It believes they will
Never have to weep

Its tiny two hands hold
Love so profound
It’s grip too loose
With a faith unbound

It breaths slowly
Taking in life
One breath at a time
Its lungs fill it with goodness divine

With tiny steps
It walks on the ground
It will slip, it will trip
It can spin around

My heart like a baby
Doesn’t care, doesn’t know
It is still a little child
Which will some day, grow!


P.S: This is the first time I have explored analogy in a poem. Please do let me know your views.

Friday, March 11, 2011

55 Fiction#11: Sweet Bun!

Tired of being of ignored and refused, he sat down silently. He knew it was bad, bad to demand, bad to have a choice when he had nothing to choose from. Still, he stood there staring at a sweet bun. Hoping somebody would understand and buy him one. Beggars don’t have choices but children do.


What did you whisper
To my cold heart ?
You pierced through its walls
Like a shooting dart

Why does my mind
Decline to play its part?
Thoughts about you
Float like a fine art

What did you show
To my innocent eyes?
They have learned to read
What you convey in disguise

What did you do
To my lazy arms?
They embrace you close
Defying fear or alarms

How do you reach out to me
With your tender cajole?
And I let out to you
Feelings I withhold
How did you teach me
To fall in love? 
Gave my heart two wings
To flutter like a dove

Quote blog!

"I hate quotations. Tell me what you know." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a huge fan of Emerson.. and I took this quote rather seriously.. so this is my new quote blog where I write what my own thoughts!

Now, I have few people to thank here.. 

Nothing Profound- My Daily Aphorisms Blog
Ever since I have stumbled upon this blog I am in deep admiration of the author! Read few of the aphorisms and you will be as awestruck as I am! So my new blog draws an inspiration from this blog!

My dear friend- Ms.R
Who encouraged me to come up with a quote blog! 

Currently I have updated the blog with few of my thoughts.. so click now and tell me what you think!!

*Wondering if I am addicted to blogging :P*

Monday, March 7, 2011

Bunch of keys!

Have you ever heard the phrase- Think through? Now, re read it. It reveals a lot of wisdom. It silently plants a seed of hope in your mind that if you shall channel your thoughts a solution will come through.  Thoughts are like keys that unlock our mental doors, emotional rooms and  give us access to everything we sense, feel and respond. 

We all make our own keys. Some like the ancient big ones, beautifully carved, too heavy to carry around, but to be carefully guarded.  And, these keys do not fit into many doors(minds). They have selective purposes.But, there might be times when these keys become too big to unlock simple issues. Too pricey to open common locks.

Few others like the spares. They are busy picking up keys of others they have no unique key of their own. They shall forever limit themselves to unlock only those destinations that have already been explored. They lack excitement,adventure and faith in their own key to unlock a unknown life of their dreams.

On the other hand there are people who put in effort and collect a bunch of keys. They unlock every mind, every soul, understand every pain, every gain and every emotion.. well almost. They refuse to accept there is any door, any block hidden and unobtainable. They simply change their keys, make additions and keep opening doors and walk into new destinations. Their key bunch keeps on becoming heavier and more valuable. These are people who unlock the big or small ..any lock with equal ease- with just a turn of the key! 

Just a turn of the key! That is how simple it is. But we all are too busy wasting time thinking about the locks, claiming them to be too big, too rusty and too jammed. We forget and refuse to understand that we need to grow in our minds and build a key that fits well in the lock, we need to stop depending on the keys we have and look for the keys we need. 

Like a single key doesn't open every lock a single way of thinking gives us access to only our own restricted mental room.We need to keep adding new keys and get rid of rusted old ones. And, if we want to unlock more beauties, marvels and treasures of life we should make sure we have a bunch of keys and be flexible enough to use them all at different doors! 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Beautiful Dawn!

Sometimes you might
Lose your belief
Life may seem just
Pain and grief

You might walk on roads
With a dead end
Or lose your way
Taking a wrong bend

You might be blinded
From your mission
And, all your actions
May, meet collision

Your logic might
Get you nowhere
And your faith might
Vanish in thin air

Life might have
A missing piece
And confusions might
Just increase

Whatever happens
Don’t lose your belief
With a leap of faith
You will cross every reef

Never forget
Nature’s simple norm
Dusk is always followed
By the beautiful dawn!


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nature's Bond

Your presence
Like the winter breeze
Brushes my solitude
With a gentle tease

Your laughter like
The bright summer sun
Warms my soul
My dear one

My heart now plays
A melody tune
After you struck its walls
Like a typhoon

Something about the way
You hold my hand
All my worries
Just disband

Conversations we have
Simple, plain
Form clouds from which
Memories rain

By simple gestures
We correspond
Our love like
a nature's bond


P.S: I am very much single. Just a wandering romantic soul. Clarifying as I am concerned about missing opportunities due to confusion. Lol!! ;)

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