Thursday, December 1, 2011

Good day- Let's talk!

December 1st and I am full of joy already. Birthday mood is creeping in, I am looking at things to buy, and I am holding on to that cash so that I can splurge on the D Day. So, a month and a half for Jan 12   Well, one big woamp I will be turning 25. There are a lot of things that are a little different this time. I am on my first job and I will actually get myself a gift with own money- now that feels nice! I will buy (and have bought one) a dress that is elegant and suave compared to the baggy jeans and over sized t-shirts which became a trademark for my tomboyish nature.

I wonder why people hesitate to celebrate birthdays, how naïve it is to feel sad about growing old? It is beautiful, miraculous- you lived another year, celebrate!! I mean considering the number of accidents and tragedies, if you have been walking around these streets and roads for past 20 something years and have not been knocked down dead by a bus or car - quite a blessing isn’t it? :P

I normally don’t prefer to write about myself on my blog, I have horribly good reasons not to do that. But, because I am in the birthday mood today, and I can feel the New Year round the corner I am going to spill out some beans. I appreciate all of you who have read my writings and have encouraged and inspired me in different ways. May be I can pick up my pen today and tell you something about me and move to that area of non-fiction.

1.       Nature is joy of my life. No matter how much I love the city hustle bustle and hop on and off the train to Bangalore at every given chance, I love the calm and serene towns. Greenery heals me is a manner I cannot describe in words.
2.       I am frank person and have no qualms about talking things straight. I hold my tongue when required but if you ask me a question- I will tell you what I truly think.
3.       It is very difficult for people to get on my wrong side but if they do I can be bitterly sarcastic, strangely aggressive and adamant.  However, most of the people I know tell me I am a very pleasant, positive and cheerful person.
4.       I have been a tomboy all my life and you will never ever find me giggling without reason or say,” OMG! Darlings, Sweets, Babe!” I keep my conversations simple.
5.       I come off as a feminist and I do some male bashing with my women oriented posts (I have been told so) but, surprisingly, I am not like that. I hate and appreciate men and women equally. There are good people, there are bad people. The good and bad here can be a man or a woman. Period.
6.       I write a lot about love and out of the 58 poems about 40 are about love. But, with my truest honesty- I have never been in love. Of course, I had my share of crushes but these poems don’t connect to any specific individual or a guy in my life. I haven’t dated; haven't got my heart stolen/broken, never got involved in any kind of relationship. Puff! There goes all the mystery behind the poems. Love is everywhere- you just need to have the eyes and the heart to write about it.
7.       I have been that kind of a kid who gets called to the principal’s office.
8.       When I write a story it engulfs me. The characters move around in my head and I become that protagonist and feel the pain or joy of the situation. One sure shot way to get some of my time and attention is to talk about one of my writings. I speak about everything I write with a passion that many do not understand or care for.
9.       Hard to believe, but I cry very easily. I don’t cry at stuff like someone spoke rudely and sorts. I cry at strange things. I cried while watching Happy Feet. :P I have tears of joy at the end of a sports movie when the team wins. I don’t understand it either.
10.   I am a route dummy. I drive cars, I walk, I am a very smart individual but I get lost on roads. True fact. Once I drove 8kms off track and circled a beautiful hill.  Not only that but I have some goof up in life. Everyday something funny definitely happens - It could be something as silly as getting a sandal broken in the middle of office and hobbling around with one foot high and another foot on the ground for the rest of the day. 

Any thing else you would like to know? Today is the day, ask me tomorrow, I won't answer it. :P


Susan Deborah said...

Ah, liked liked this post. Candid posts filled with happy thoughts are always contagious and I'm feeling quite nice inspite of the hectic work.

Lovely to read about you and know you more, Sameera (though I already seem to know a bit).

Now for my question: What is that one thing which completely makes you moony and go weak on your knees?

Joy always,

Anonymous said...

OMG Point #10!! TOTALLY me.

Advance Birthday wishes! :P

Amropali said...

- "I am on my first job and I will actually get myself a gift with own money- now that feels nice! " Same pinch!! :D

- Absolutely love no. 7.

- Be back on Jan 12!

- I'd like to know if you've ever fought with guys (physically) and broken some bones?

Yuvika said...

wonderful! enjoyed your post completely! 25 is reason enough to celebrate - I was ecstatic myself - now it seems years ago - it's the wrong side of 20's I am wary of, but ppl tell me I should worry about turning 30 in 2 years' time :(.
I have a question - where do u get ideas for your short fiction posts - they are awesome - i have always aspired to write fiction but without success :(

Sameera said...

@Susan: Yep you do know me quite a bit. :) :d Since I promised a truthful answer: What is that one thing which completely makes you moony and go weak on your knees?

hmm.. have you heard that song? Harvest Moon by Neil Young?? That song always strikes a chord. For now it would definitely be top on this list.

@pawanrajs- Thanks! :)

@Amropali- :d :P :| Not too proud but here is the list with reason in ():
1. Punched a guy in his back ( Unnecessary teasing)
2. Hit a guy with a bat (we were playing he and he was making a friend run so that he could see her boobs swing. Sad.)
3. Threw a stone at a random guy ( He felt my butt and drove off on his bike. I was like sixteen!)
4. Dragged a guy the collar and threatened to punch him straight in his face ( A pesky classmate who couldn't mind his own business)

No broken bones or blood. :)

@Yuvika- 2 years is a long time. :)
Short fiction- I get tipped of these ideas by random interactions and observation. e.g. Waiting in the dark was tipped of by waiting at a bus stand. Revathi- was tipped of by observing a old lady while I was travelling to Bangalore. Sometimes I just sit and an idea gets stuck into the head out of now where. For. e.g. the fiction I will write today and post next. I have no clue how I thought about it.

Saru Singhal said...

Ah, so good to read about you and you are just 25. Enjoyed reading the post...:)

:-Dee said...

Silver jubilee on the way.. great!! :) Nice to know a little more about you.. and i loved this point you made.. 'I hate and appreciate men and women equally. There are good people, there are bad people. The good and bad here can be a man or a woman. Period." - I agree with this! 'Its all relative' is what I believe! :)

Seяendipity™ said...

I hope you have a very happy 25 Sam :) This post makes me love you all the more :) A very candid peppy write-up. Knowing you was a sweet pleasure and the 'Darling and babe' talk, I detest it equally :D It kinda tickles me when I hear people talk that way :D

Sameera said...

@Saru- Just 25.. wow.. that made me feel young! :)

@Dee- Yep. True.

@Serendipity- Ha ha..! :) Glad you enjoyed the post.

Krishnapriya said...

ha ha.. given up the mystery.. ? loved reading about you.. especially the point 8! i feel the same way!!

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