Monday, November 15, 2010

The battle

I stepped into a unknown territory today. I knew there was no escape but to face it. So be it. Before resorting to the final option of walking there alone. I dropped many hints to my friends who are very comfortable in this area foreign to me. But they all smiled and stepped aside. I understood it was a now or never situation. I had to fight this battle alone.

Honestly, I was shit scared when I opened the door. Having never visited such place alone. I found everybody and everything intimidating. I communicated my requirements. A girl who seemed more interested in chewing her (spearmint flavour?) gum than what I had to say nodded her head. I found this creepy. Finally I was made to sit in a chair on which I was made to lay back to such a degree that I thought I'd fall back. I was made to close my eyes and immense pain burned around my eyebrows and above my lip. I heard someone ask -"everything fine?" With one eye overflowing with tears and the other shut tight I guessed it was the same girl - monster -I could smell mint.

This was still a pain known to me. What followed was unexpected. My face was immersed in a steam outlet. I could only hear and feel high degree water boiling on my lap. A small miscalculation or error could burn my face. I am in a enemy territory- unknown territory. It was confirmed. A few slaps on face with something I couldn't see or smell but just feel on my skin. When the pair of hands left my face the slimy paste that was put on my face weighed 8 times the skin beneath it. I could barely breath. Just when I figured out a way to breath normally a needle like thing poked the tip of my nose, the ridges, edges and every little contour of the features on my face were attacked with an unknown weapon. Tears rushed through my eyes as I silently wept and thought- it was a mistake to come here in the first place. A cold liquid like clay touched my forehead and before I knew covered my entire face. I was just about to open my eye when that opening was also sealed with something too heavy for my eyelid to lift. Fifteen minutes later I found the clay like thing hardening around my face suffocating me. I had never felt so trapped and helpless. I tried to get up and get the hell out of that place. But a pair of hands forced my shoulders back to a dangerous angle reaching which I could rest my back.

I was left alone- as if sealed in a enclosed cabin with its walls inching in and digging on to my facial skin with every passing minute. I raised my hands in moments of despair.  My eyes still closed, my back at a angle that made it impossible to move. I gathered no attention I guess. Nobody came to my rescue. Long after I gave up and sulked behind the hardening clay thing dreaming about open fields I smelled the mint gum monster. A slight tap on my cheek as if of to check if there was anymore room for the clay to dig into my skin. The mint gum smell faded and I was forced to dream again for ten more minutes. After the torturous ten minutes like a sudden rescue for the home army water hit my face and cleared off all the clay like thing. I could suddenly breath normal again.

A exchange of few words with the mint gum monster and a reflection of my clear face made me realize the mint gum creature was an angel. I paid for my freedom. As I pushed the door I walked out from a territory not unknown anymore but conquered.

This was my successful visit to a beauty parlor alone. A good accomplishment for the tomboy I have been all my life.. till now.


Vijitha Valsalan said...

You got the clean-up done!! :-D

It hurts...I know. And I begin to curse all the black-heads and white-heads and whoever discovered them!!

Talk about paying to get tortured! LOL!

Susan Deborah said...

Oh my god! A visit to the parlour! Sameera, Sameera, my dear tomboy. How do you feel after the visit? Happy? Will you visit again?

Tell me more.

Joy always,

vivek said...

HI Sammy ,

Thanks for your wishes , How are you doing ? Long time , how about your MBA .
Nice writeup Sammy ..Initially It resembled to the "The Chair" on UTV Bindass kind of feel it was giving ;)
Hmm , Nice finally you won the battle that's good.

Take care.
Keep smiling.. have a great week ahead .. :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

and our dearest tom boy become a girl :)

Sameera said...

@Vijitha - True

@Susan- lol! Ya.. I will visit again. It was a strange but good experience.

@Vivek- Hey.. nice to see you here.

@Amit- Learning to be one a bit by!

TheBluntBlogger said...

I can not tell you how horrified I feel when I enter a salon for the first time...I panic, and eyebrows, upperlips can be damaging to soul if not done properly :(

lol, guess what the word verification i got? --- bralisa :D

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