Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A kid, a dad and better toys

“Dad, why are we poor?” this question amazed and saddened his dad. His ten year old son, how did his little life bring him to such a grave question? He pulled the kid up in his arms,” What makes you think – we are poor?” The kid hid his face on father’s shoulder and mumbled,” I don’t have many things.” Dad laughed in disbelief,” Nobody has everything kid!” The kid thought for while and kicked himself out of his dad’s arms and sat down on the grass. It is a serious discussion. The message was clear. Dad laid down in the grass beside the kid and asked him,” You think that is not true?” The kid looked dejected. “It is true kid. But, it is not a sad thing. It is delightful.  Now tell me, what are the things, the absence of which makes you feel poor?”

The kid thought about all the things he craved for,” Dad, I don’t have the toys the other kids have. I have a tyre, a little rope swing by this tree and a car made out of wooden twigs. They have these vibrant colours and remote controls.” Dad smiled,” So, do they all have the toys you have and have their toys too?” The kid replied innocently,”No they don’t have my toys.” “Does that make them poor?” the kid was caught in surprise by this question. “No Dad. They are not.” Dad asked him one more question,” Aren’t you happy when you play with your toys?”  The kid couldn’t disagree,” I am very happy when I play”

“So, you have things few things to play with and you are happy. Those kids have something to play with and they are happy. So why are you poor- kid?”  The kid’s description of being poor was clear. He spoke confidently, “I think their toys are better than mine”. The dad felt a stab in his heart. His son was on the path where many had gone before, comparison. He tried to make his son think about it in a different way, he spoke softy and slowly,” So, you are poor because you believe someone has something better than you and not because you don’t have what you need.” The kid lowered is head and raised a genuine doubt, “But isn’t better always good?” The dad replied,” Depends on what the better does to you. Will you have more fun? Or will just have one more way to have the fun you were having? Pleasures and joys of living come to us in different ways. We look at others and get dejected when we see how other are getting happiness- fun! But what we forget is we are getting the same happiness and the same fun-just by different means. Now, if both these result in the same outcome- how can one be better and one poor?”

After that there was no conversation. There was no need for one. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ignorant[Short poem]

How foolish was I, when I searched around
Seeking you in every one I met
How ignorant was I, all along
For you dwell in me, undiscovered as yet!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Love-is in nature!

Love will spread open- like the endless sky
Brushed with crimson-pastel hues
One will grow wings, till, one can fly
Restrained no more- nothing to lose!

Love will fall like a withered leaf
In a silent life- dead, still, as a lake
A motion will set in a pleasant relief
For one is a lover- in wait, of the wake

Love will shimmer on everything- which, one is
Like the setting sun- that shines on the wide sea
Warmth, a cheer, will put one at ease
As long one can let -love be!


P.S: I have been asked a million times about my inspiration for  all the love poems.. one of the inspirations is nature

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love Note (2) - Haiku!

Come along love, for-
I need company, bring with you-
Tune, a symphony!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dilapidated [Short Fiction]

(c) Ashish Arora Photography

She stood amidst all the cacophony but not a sound disturbed her. Her petite frame rested on the bonnet of a dusty grey Alto. Hands folded, perhaps, hugging herself- consoling for the years of pain she suddenly felt that the house in front of her, stared back at her. With each step forward she recollected the years she had spent here, assembling them back one by one in her jumbled weak mind.  A wave of grief hit her as she climbed the spiral staircase- the rusty handrail rubbed against her white sleeves joining the two cheerful pink floral prints by a tainted brown mark. She stopped and smelt the rust on her sleeve. In the next few minutes she fought her resistance and touched the degenerated steel bar- a feeling of the mixture of cold and dust filled her with welcoming warmth. “I am home! I am home! I am HOME!” she screamed laughing and crying to herself. She entered the house and clung to its walls like worn out plastered paint. Hanging loose but clinging, clinging on to its surface, to all the years, days and moments she had spent here-Her current self attaching to her past through these decrepit walls.

 “Its raining!! “ she heard a young lady speak nudging playfully at her husband, nestled in a solo worthy piece of furniture - a sofa cum bed bought in a roadside garage sale. And when it began to pour she saw them walk to the window hand in hand, hearing to splitter splatter symphony, of the rain drops that fell into the planned and placed tubs from the gaps in the ceiling. The young lady’s hands firmly rested on the sill and his hands rested on hers. His face placed parallel to hers balancing on his chin resting lovingly on her shoulder. She saw the young couple deeply in love as they looked out of the window while it rained a million wishes and dreams. 

“Was that me? Was it him?” the sudden flash to the past made her look weaker than she was. Her younger self -full of life and fervour paced across the house going about the mundane chores, as her current lifeless, unexplainably depressed self looked in awe. She shut her eyes trying to remember the day when they moved out. It is strange, how a painful memory can appear like a blur after years, confusing one about the root cause of the pain -leading to pointing fingers at self. CLICK HERE to continue reading.. 

Written for Captured Writings

Monday, August 8, 2011

Like the wind [Haiku]

I am like the wind,
You sure, cannot, make me stay,
Till you breathe me in!

P.S. It is a very simple haiku, little romantic and heart warming but if read between the lines there more to it.

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