Thursday, April 21, 2011

Morning delight!

 I step onto the asphalt roads
As little crystals hug green leaves
The warm sun gently rises
A sacred morning it delicately weaves

Sunlight dances on the Gulmohar petals
As the road is carpeted with fallen flowers
A mild drizzle plays on my skin
As I am blissfully treated in these early hours!

A light whiff spreads in the air
As morning scent playfully sprays
Oh colours so vivid, a delight to eyes
Stunned by the beauty I mutely gaze!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A recitation

Bliss locked up in its gentle fragrance
When earth dipped in rainy cologne
Each flower, each leaf adorned a diamond bead
Like lovers gift after a long adjourn

I step out and breathe a new air,
See the earth, still asleep like a new born
The rain in the dark, cast a mystic spell
To decipher it’s symphony in the morn

The imprints on the ground
Trees pining for the rain that’s long gone           
Enchanted by recitation of a tale
In the drizzle at the break of the dawn!


Illusion of logic!

Mind is probably our biggest burden. It holds life in its hands and strangles it for logic.  It leaves us apprehensive. Apprehensive about the things we do. Apprehensive when we can’t figure out  what to do. Apprehensive.  Just,  apprehensive.  No, that’s not funny. Imagine our mental restlessness to place things in boxes that we lay down on our backs look at the beautiful sky and try and make sense of the shape of the clouds.  That, looks like an elephant! Ya.. that’s like a bird.

We are constantly killing ourselves to make sense. We take pride to tell..,” hey you know I am wiser!” Well, has anyone ever been able to define even one percent of what exactly wisdom means? Socrates too washed his hand off saying, “Hey! I know nothing!”

We make judgements and feel bad about them, But wasn’t that the whole point of experiences and learning’s... to able to judge better, know things before they happen? But we do get hit; we stumble upon road blocks, fall with our face down …flat! Our logic takes a wrong ‘U’ turn gets caught by the police of life, gets heavily fined for getting into a wrong lane- loses out on petrol stops in the middle of the road when signal changes green and everybody moves honking annoyingly at it.. While it just stands there…with its face down it slowly pushes to the side.

Logic is a myth, a maze, a drug we take to be able to handle the ambiguities of life. Logic comforts us. True. But that may not be our reality!  Just a beautiful illusion that tucks life into it's warm blanket to prevent it from the winter chill!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Changes at my end!

Hey all!

Doesn't look like I have taken a long break but considering the frequency I used to post at.. I feel like I've had a hiatus. Well this is a general post to tell you all I have been fine and there have been so many changes at my end. I have moved into a new house. I have started to work. So.. lot of things.. settling down. I currently so preoccupied with enjoying the new drama in life that I need to flush my brain with new thoughts to be able to write something decent enough  to be read by worth readers like you all. So while I take my sweet little time to stretch myself back into the vibe.. fill me up what you have been up to?


Friday, April 1, 2011

Life's Prelude!

A desire to push into the past, strongly brews
With merry memories, held as an excuse
To turn the hands of time, let worries elude
To re-live an age that is far ensued!

Make the mind twist to think like a child
Let it free; let it play for a while
To hold and behold dreams, dauntless
Unperturbed about the destined, mysterious

Be ignorant about the wrong and right
Without worry or fear let one’s heart recite
To fall under a spell and momentarily delude
Trick a grown up to into the life’s prelude!

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