Saturday, October 23, 2010

Different worlds

It is not a new discovery that time does not move at a constant rate. When we are happy it moves faster. When we feel little low it moves very slow. They say we seem to miss things staring in our face. This is just another thing under this category.

I am amazed that we all look at the same clocks everyday.. at times we do the same things (e.g. attend a class) and still the time moves at different rates for all of us. Imagine the impact of the human brain on how our life unfolds. Were we born with a hypnotic view of what is expected out of us, of what is normal and what is not.  Or do we catch this contagious disease of normal/social/excepted/right-wrong kind of value system as we meet people and keep benchmarking them as a standard?

Why do we judge people, why do we want them to behave in a manner we expect them to? Why do we fail to understand that just like we have different rate for time for each one of us, we have different worlds? It doesn't take a brainwave to decipher this. When we are in a bad mood the slightest of behaviour irritates us to the height that we can bash up people. When we are in a good mood we take the nastiest comments in good humor. For two same people in different mood the world appears different at the same instant. Then, how do we hold conversations with people who may or may not be looking at the world as we do and blame them for being irrational? How do we at times find a connection and few common souls who more or less see similar worlds and call them friends?

It is very funny how we "all" think we know it all.. better than our fellow humans. Each one thinking his/her judgement is correct.

Strange ways of understanding behaviour and people. Just another perception illusion.


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