Friday, November 5, 2010


The energy is little different this time. Unlike last year we are little bothered about how we decorate home this Diwali. In our campus such is our reputation that people look forward to our Diwali decorations. Thanks to my sister's amazing art works. But this year, we have a bigger occasion. After two years of my parents and sister taking different sides on the whole marriage issue. My sister wanting more time to be single and my parents frantic about all the good grooms being taken away [:P Indian family dramas]  They have found a common ground in my Jiju. So.. with the wedding dates set to November 18th. Cards distributed. Dresses stitched. Sarees packed. Jewelery made. With a engagement ring adoring my sister's finger. My mom's dynamic trio (her brothers) helping with the arrangements. All relatives waiting for the first marriage of this generation. The eldest grand daughter from both the paternal and maternal connections.The hour long STD and ISD calls with elders in the family.  A few cousins expecting to get hitched at the wedding get together where a pool of eligible singles are expected to gather.

As my sister enters this new phase of her life. We all and me also will have new additional roles to play. Our family tree is now in the growth phase. We are branching out. My sister will have one more family. This is the occasion that running on our minds. We are still pacing around with the last minute preparations. With only a handful of days left for the marriage. We cannot think of any Diwali.. the lights of anticipation of a new ties that await our family.  The every passing minute making a who-oo-osh sound. We all await this big occasion- My sister's wedding. My sister's wedding.(Still sinking in.)


Yuvika said...

wow! congratulations Sameera and all the best wishes to you, the soon-to-be newly weds and your folks!

Susan Deborah said...

Now this has to be THE celebration of the year for your family. I wish your sister and your jiju a very happy life together. This is definitely wonderful news and I now want details. Details of what you will be wearing and how things are progressing.

Congratulations to both the families and of course wishing you the best of everything.

Joy always,

Sameera said...

Thank you!

Details.. cards distributed..almost. Shopping done. Packing half way through. What am I wearing.. I am wearing a saree. :P

Manasa said...

@ all

Thanks for the lovely wishes.. btw m the "sister" talked abt :)
" it all still seems a dream "..waiting to make it real !

Vijitha Valsalan said...

@ Sam - Make the most out of this wedding season... and learn from you sister's experience! ;-)

@ Manasa - Didn't know you were a blogger too. Hearty congratulations! Enjoy this momentous occasion! :-)

Hopeless Romantic said...

wow, 18 nov is quite close...all the best for it....what are you doing on blogger? go and practice those dance steps ;-)

please remove word verification from comments :P

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