Saturday, May 7, 2011

Changing Seasons..

These leaves clasp the changing times
Like wind captured in the tune of chimes

The joy in the gait of a new season
Vivid change of colours, a worthy reason

The promising green and the celebrated yellow
Moments turning into memories mellow

Welcoming warmth and a teary depart
Goodbye kisses to mark a gleaming start!


PS: A poem sang out of my heart when I clicked this picture. Finally here it is- in words.


Adam said...

"the promising green and the celebrated yellow"
Good one Sam.. :)

Raksha Bhat said...

This exactly is the reason why I love the yellow as much as the green:)

Amropali said...

'Like wind captured in the tune of chimes'
thumbs up

Gyanban said...

nice one. Both the pic. and th elines have come out well.

Vivek said...

Very Nice one,
Looking at pic , I knew you clicked it ..nice observation and very well pictured the thought of changing season.. we all living being have a common i.e change the constant we all keep changing W.r.t.

Nice read :)
-- Happy Mother's day :)

Vyankatesh said...

A nice composition.

aakash said...

sweet sweet...
the read was as light as the summer breeze!

Anonymous said...

beautiful - the promising green and the celebrated yellow - nice imagery:)

Sameera said...

Thankyou everybody! =)

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