Monday, February 28, 2011

Small initiatives

There are times we have this unsettled feeling. While mostly we are seeing things with utmost clarity, quickly  making analysis in our brain about what to do next.. we suddenly suspend, fall in a rut and do things out of routine. Our brain stops registering that we have options to make things better. To improve, to change and to reason things out. We get irritated, frustrated and feel helpless not understanding what is causing our mind itch, what is holding us back?? It is not great issues in life that we slip through. It is mostly as simple as putting your shoes back in the shoe rack as against kicking them off on the floor. It is simple. Simple as smiling at someone you know rather than waiting for them to recognize you. Simple as letting go. Simple as deviating from the routine and being different once in a while.

The biggest task is to keep our eyes open, look for simple issues. Simpler solutions. It is very difficult to do that. We don't really notice how we have changed ! We are tricked to think when was it any better? But do we ask ourselves as to why can't it be any better now? What stop us from taking initiatives. Small ones.

It works wonders. The only effort it takes to look at a door and open it.


GvSparx said...

I really love the way you expressed it :)
Life is really simple. It is us complicating it every now and then unreasonably. If we can just keep our heads and hearts light with a positive intent, I don't think there's any deterrent.

Sameera said...

Welcome to the blog!

Thanks :)
Yep.. very true.

Sukanya said...

Lovely!! Couldnt agree more. Letting go and taking one small step will definitely do wonders!!

Vee said...

well said. but then there are those times when you get a dent in your optimism again and again continuously even though you try to let go or embrace it open heartedly.

Sameera said...

@Sukanya- :D

@Vee- Yes there are.. but this post of about taking small initiatives that we can. That need to preparation from our end. Simple things to keep us if not anything else.. a little more happy

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