Sunday, November 21, 2010


We all have a image of people we meet, see and talk to. The parameters of judgement different for each one of us. What we fail to register is the hidden qualities of individuals which like an illusion shows us a image and challenges us to discover the hidden side.

Last evening I was sitting in the crowd watching different individuals dance, sing and perform.It suddenly hit me. There is a lot more to a person than what we understand them to be. I personally feel there is nothing like a woman who can dance and a man who can sing.There is nothing like a person being able to hold the crowd in awe with what he or she can do. Nothing. But once the situation changes the value of the talent diminishes. It is more or less like a stock market value. At different times we are valued differently. For someone who has invested in us feels proud and happy and someone who hasn't aches for our company. Just like with newly signed deals and progress and new information the stock value gets altered.  Uncovering of some information. A little more knowledge about a person.Changes our perception. We see them in a altogether different light. But this light fades over the time or at times get so strongly associated that it blinds the other person of all the remaining appreciable or inappreciable qualities.

While some of us drum beat our talents- some keep it hidden. Some are so exclusive of their audience that most of us will never really understand what the other person is capable of.  I sometimes laugh out loud when people say- "I know him/her/you" . The truth is we never know. Never. Like the stock market can put a Satyam in high charts just before its fall. The human stock value (as I call it) can be tricked to be high. Or it can be tricked to be low.  We are under the misapprehension that someone's mind, someone's nature, is something real and enduring.Something we can fully understand. Only when we sit straight and look into that person , does it become clear that  we haven't looked enough. We are just not capable of that somehow. 

They say we have a blind spot and we cannot see everything with our eyes. I'd say our eyes are incapable of seeing anything at all. Forever we will continue to remain unsighted because anything worth seeing has to be seen with a mind, a perception, a emotion, a experience, at different dimensions and with understanding.


Ranjana said...

Now, I like that! Was this at the marriage that you noticed this stuff?! And who had higher human stock values :D?! I loved the's so you..the sensible MBA girl!! :)

Susan Deborah said...

This is so very true, Sameera. I think this holds true even for oneself. One cannot say that we have experienced every situation in life so an expected situation would make us respond differently. Can I say that I know myself? No. If that is the case with us, what can we say about knowing others?

Joy always,

Vijitha Valsalan said...

Well-written Sam!

I very often feel that we don't know or understand ourselves...How good can we be about others?

Sh@s said...

Thought-provoking post :)

Sameera said...

@Ranjana- Human stock values of most of the people I met during marriage were very avg. lol! I noticed this stuff in a college event.

@Susan- Exactly. It shocks me when people say. I know you. Well.. I don't know myself. How can you know about me?

So true.

Thank you and welcome to my blog!

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