Friday, March 11, 2011


What did you whisper
To my cold heart ?
You pierced through its walls
Like a shooting dart

Why does my mind
Decline to play its part?
Thoughts about you
Float like a fine art

What did you show
To my innocent eyes?
They have learned to read
What you convey in disguise

What did you do
To my lazy arms?
They embrace you close
Defying fear or alarms

How do you reach out to me
With your tender cajole?
And I let out to you
Feelings I withhold
How did you teach me
To fall in love? 
Gave my heart two wings
To flutter like a dove


Preethi said...

lovely stuff sammy :) nice !

Sameera said...

Thank you Preethu!:D

Vinitha said...

Aww... sweet :)

Adam said...

Nice.. :) and No P.S this time.. :D

Sukanya said...

'How did you teach me to fall in love?'
Ahem Ahem!!! :)

Sameera said...

@Vinitha- :D

@Adam- Thank you!
lol! Yaa.. No P.S :P

Ahem Ahem! ;)

lee woo said...

The ultimate aim of the ego is not to see something, but to be something. See the link below for more info.


Leslie Lim said...

First time I commented in a blog! I really enjoy it. You have an awesome post. Please do more articles like this. I'm gonna come back surely. God bless.


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