Monday, March 7, 2011

Bunch of keys!

Have you ever heard the phrase- Think through? Now, re read it. It reveals a lot of wisdom. It silently plants a seed of hope in your mind that if you shall channel your thoughts a solution will come through.  Thoughts are like keys that unlock our mental doors, emotional rooms and  give us access to everything we sense, feel and respond. 

We all make our own keys. Some like the ancient big ones, beautifully carved, too heavy to carry around, but to be carefully guarded.  And, these keys do not fit into many doors(minds). They have selective purposes.But, there might be times when these keys become too big to unlock simple issues. Too pricey to open common locks.

Few others like the spares. They are busy picking up keys of others they have no unique key of their own. They shall forever limit themselves to unlock only those destinations that have already been explored. They lack excitement,adventure and faith in their own key to unlock a unknown life of their dreams.

On the other hand there are people who put in effort and collect a bunch of keys. They unlock every mind, every soul, understand every pain, every gain and every emotion.. well almost. They refuse to accept there is any door, any block hidden and unobtainable. They simply change their keys, make additions and keep opening doors and walk into new destinations. Their key bunch keeps on becoming heavier and more valuable. These are people who unlock the big or small ..any lock with equal ease- with just a turn of the key! 

Just a turn of the key! That is how simple it is. But we all are too busy wasting time thinking about the locks, claiming them to be too big, too rusty and too jammed. We forget and refuse to understand that we need to grow in our minds and build a key that fits well in the lock, we need to stop depending on the keys we have and look for the keys we need. 

Like a single key doesn't open every lock a single way of thinking gives us access to only our own restricted mental room.We need to keep adding new keys and get rid of rusted old ones. And, if we want to unlock more beauties, marvels and treasures of life we should make sure we have a bunch of keys and be flexible enough to use them all at different doors! 


Amropali said...

interesting! i wish I were the Keymaker(cf. Matrix Reloaded). I'd have loved to unlock the thoughts otherwise unexplorable.

Amit Gupta said...

tweeted it.

Ambika said...

Interesting thought process Sameera! Had never thought of "think through" as triggering a ray of hope, but it does now, hmmm in fact always used to!! Just realized :)
And thank you for your comment on my little garden!! :)

S said...

That made so much sense! Never thought about it that way :) Now if only there was ONE key for all the locks :D

Oh and congratulllllations for the Notable newbie award! U deserve it :)

Sukanya said...

Wow... That was a good one!! Liked the way you compare things :) Bunch of unlock as many doors as you want. Nice!!

And looks who's the notable newbie here!! Congrats Sam. Thats a great achivement!!


Sameera said...

Thank you everybody!!

@Amropali- Oh that would be amazing! :P

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