Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The confession!

I hear your words
The lovely things you say
Just how you say it
Is what makes my heart sway

When I walk by your side
Having conversations undefined
Like a child on a swing
I freely unwind

I always wait
For your reassuring smile
It makes me feel beautiful
In my shabby old style

How casually you tuck
My hair behind the ear
I am too blinded now
Do I have to see clear?

Never thought I’d say these words
Or ever saw my feelings  grow
I am madly in love
Now I let you know!



Adam said...

:) Good one Sam.. Stronger!

Smiling cherries said...

ahannnnnnnnnnnnn !! :P

Sukanya said...

Now this is really a confession!!! Madly in Love?? Really?? Or is this fiction too?? :P

Sameera said...

@Adam- Thank you!

@Manasa- :P

@Sukanya- Ha ha ha.. the title was chosen to add to confusion!

aakash said...


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