Sunday, March 20, 2011

Answer my whys!

Mother O Mother
Can you answer my Whys?
I know no other
Who will answer me wise

You taught me to give little
From whatever I get
You taught me to cut into two
And share my bread

Then why I see, people cry?
One feasting over dinner
Sufficient for five?
While hungry people daily die?

Mother O Mother
Please answer me why
You told me I should never lie
Tell the truth when times try

Then why I see people blame?
Accusing each other
Making wrong claim?
Calling out a disgraceful name?

Mother O mother
Fight solves nothing is what you said
Anger is one’s biggest threat
It does no good and causes regret

Then why do I see?
Nations engaging in war
Shameful world watching silently
The blood shed galore?

Mother O mother
Didn’t anyone teach them to be nice?
Or do we forget things once taught
And grow up to be unwise?

Mother O mother
Why doesn’t the world know?
It baffles little kids like me
What I learn and what they show!



Adam said...

Good one Sam.. :)

Ambika said...

Interesting! Just after all my cousins keep talking about how their kids keep asking "why why" all the time :) We were all so curious back then :)

Sameera said...

@Adam Thanks!

@Ambika- Yep!

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