Tuesday, March 15, 2011

For you, I pray!

Over thousand lives lost
Much more in pain
Empty broken houses
Roads red,with blood stain

Hues and cries
Dreadful screams
Watery hazy eyes
Over shattered dreams

Every heart froze
Eyes blinded with fear
Stable Earth toppled,
Like drunk, over a can of beer

How do they respond?
When lord pulled up the curtain
Suddenly staged a horrific play
Left actors with roles, uncertain?

All savings gone
Memories turned rubble
Oh dear nature
How could you cause this trouble?

My heart bleeds
As I hear people wail
Whom to hold responsible
Whom to put in a jail?

My only option now
Is to wipe a tear
And wish for recovery
In my daily prayer!


P.S: This poem is written keeping in mind the very unfortunate earthquake  that hit Japan.


Sukanya said...

I know... that was a shocking news about Japan.. I knew this poem is for them after reading the first line...No one can be blamed..Nature can be cruel sometimes and too powerful to handle even by developed countries like Japan... God save the world!!

Sameera said...

Ya.. Nature can be cruel at times! Very sad! :[

aakash said...

Life, is a crazy bitch!
Makes us dance on silent tunes,
and muses over the drama..

For the lost lives, may their soul RIP.

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