Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Unusual - Part2 [Short Fiction]

Part-2 Start

That evening as she drove back from office-she figured out she was comfortably ahead of her so called life plan. For a woman of twenty six she had fair share of investments, a stable job, independent and healthy (*touchwood*) parents and a very loving relationship with her boyfriend. He was suave, matured, well settled and had enough charm to keep her constantly amused.  “Didi.. Do phool lelo na didi.(Please buy few flowers ) ” She zapped back from deep thoughts that refused to elude her. “Nahi.. Acha..dus ke phool de do ( No.. okay give me flowers for ten rupees).” After momentary distraction at the traffic signal driving on the silken road she nudged her brain cells- Nothing. Nothing.Nothing. Arrghhhhhhh! She shook her head as if affirming the emptiness of her mind and suddenly clamed down.

Climbing up to the fourth floor she smiled at everyone who passed by making friendly little chats on her way. She rushed and shut the door stood in front of a mirror. “Am I happy?”  Her lips instantly bent into a smile and her eyes lit up. Yeah! Hell Yeah! She rummaged around the breakfast table and picked up that paper. She drew a sharp upward slant followed by series of bumps. “Am I sad?” Her hand refused to move. She reluctantly scribbled few lows on the paper. She left the pencil on the table – let it roll over its flat surface and hit the floor breaking its nib.

Chilled water bounced off her skin as she splashed it against her face. In few seconds a layer of white foam covered her features. She popped open her eyes to catch her image in the mirror. She smiled at the snowman bauble staring back at her- hanging above the mirror. Her refection felt same. The smile broadened. She put on her best top and headed out for dinner. She was sensuous, intelligent and carried herself with an unmatched grace. She unlocked the door ran back in for a moment grabbed the paper piece and shoved it in her purse.

Spreading it out with her palm she ironed the folded piece of paper on the table carefully placing it in the dry area between the moist rims of table cloth at the base of the wine glasses. He smiled at her-“ What is this..? A coded love note with a heartbeat?” He waited for her to respond but she didn’t. Instead, she had that  I figured it all smile! He was very familiar with that smile. Back in their early courtship days- he would see her swing up and down for inexplicable reasons. Putting off scheduled dates, getting lost in between conversations… He had almost concluded her to be uninterested in the relationship or too delusional. But just when his irritation would reach its brink she would pace in with a bundle of energy and tell him the most wise explanation connecting life. He had eventually learned that she was unusual and her I figured it all smile! meant something interesting was coming up. He smiled back.

She waited for his initial thoughts to process and die out. She wanted a clean slate to present what she had found. “Okay here you go!” she paused and cleared her throat. “Can you answer a few simple questions?” He raised his glass in response and clinked!

To Be Continued…………….

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P.S. No.. it is not a love story. :]  Wait for the final Part ;]


Adam said...

Good going so far.. Looking forward to part-3..
Its more like self-realization.. :P Bring it on!!

Sameera said...

Thanks! :)

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