Thursday, June 16, 2011

55 Fiction #13: The Big Wink!

Clam weather. Soulful wind. Engine grumble of a Royal Enfield .  Perfect ride.  He smiled. His thoughts were suddenly halted by a buzzing bug. It came out of nowhere and squished right into his eye. He shut his one eyelid….

 A pleasant voice hurled some unpleasant words at him- “You b@&+@?# winking huh??”

Arrrgh Women!

P.S: Written based on few observations. Now the sample could be flawed ;)


aakash said...

Hehe.. Umm... If I go by the experience, and have gone through this ample no. of times, both eyes tend to close when a bug goes into one eye. It's the default reaction, but yeah it's fiction, so lets allow it!


akanksha said...

LOL :)

Vivek said...

Nice one ..

Amropali said...



Ranjana said...

hehe :D

Ambika said...

haha poor fella! His joy-ride listening to the thump of his mean machine squished :D

Sameera said...

@Aakash- :| :/ Need to give it a thought.

@Akankasha- :)

@Vivek: Thanks!

@Amropali- :P

@Ranjana- :D

@Ambika- :D

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KP said...

ha ha funny..!

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