Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Unusual - Part1 [Short Fiction]

Her eyes fixed on the television screen-following the heartbeat flashing on the ECG of patient Rohnda being treated by Dr. Douglas in ER.  She felt sadness rush through her heart. Her face fell. The dinner she was enjoying till now was left cold. Before she realized the episode ended. On a good day she would have had a wonderful time watching her favourite show, would have slept with a smile with the crazy dialogues running through her head at times making their way into her dreams resulting in waking up with a smile.

Dr. Douglas was as charming as ever.  But, today she bluntly switched off the television. Her eyes painted the heartbeat right in front of her as if they were fixed on her vision like viewing through a funky glass affixed before her twin eyeballs. The tiny crests, the high, the low, the little jumps and little falls-the heartbeat. A faint smile surfaced on her lips. She pulled out a piece of paper and drew a horizontal line across it. She put a dot below it. Suddenly feeling tired she snuggled under her rug after switching off the lights. Beneath shut eyelids she tried to process a reason for this abysmal low she felt. She smiled again at the irony -how she shut off the lights in these strange dark nights and looked for answers. Before she could decide the reason sleep had won the battle over thoughts and her mind shutdown into a dreamless slumber.

Next morning – she looked at the piece of paper. She saw the little dot below the line. She took a bite of the   ginger toast, sipped in some coffee and spent a few seconds before she drew the path of a plane take off right from the dot above the line that cut the sheet into two equal halves. She tried to figure out a reason again. But morning time was way too demanding to be invested in crazy little thoughts. So, brushing aside everything she rushed over the hectic schedule for the day. She knew she would get back to it in the evening rather for few more evenings.

To be continued.. 

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P.S: The story is very unusual. It is not a love story. It is not a story about pain. It is not like any other story that would have read. But in the end it does have something to convey. Wait for the next two parts. :)
P.P.S: This is my first public attempt at short fiction - be kind and tell me what you think.

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