Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Parallel worlds

Our eyes glanced at the radiant sun
Dreams were dreamt on cotton clouds
Two pair of feet in synchrony, on the earth we ran
Days were spent dipped in the sherry
Conversations spun like forest fires
Hearts were numbed, unfazed in the rain

Mind unattended, begged to differ
Vision blinded under wraps of love
Million cells, once owned- lost self recognition
Mere responding to the rhythm of the paired
Thoughts suspended in a rut without care
World warned as days, months and years were done

Today we are here back to life
Eyes pinch, noticing the changes once uncared for
Time demands the years lived in a parallel world
People lost- blaming we ignored them all
The mirror faces an unknown image
Memories erased- what do we know?


P.S: This.. I think is a prose.


aakash said...

Its poetry, and a beautiful one,...
loved the last stanza, speaks a life!


Prathi said...

loved it very much real visit me some time :)

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