Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Comedy Affair!!

It seemed like an endless endeavour
For this otherwise clever girl, however

She managed to confuse simple routes
Bought expensive plants without roots

She got wet in the rain in her office wear
She smiled at the ones with a shocked stare

Dropped money not a 100 but a grand on the road
Even managed to get her vehicle towed

She walked, she tripped, broke sandals on flat grounds
The laughter she spread was competitive to the clowns

The wind blew and messed up her hair
        With ruffled bristles on head, she walked unaware

Didn't she worry, didn’t she care?
With some flops everyday it was a comedy affair!!


P.S. Based on the life  of a real, living creature- me!


Alia Dalwai said...

Aw! I love your sense of humor! You make others laugh at your expense! :)
I hope you luckier days! :p

Ambika said...

Haha this is a fun post :) If you can laugh at yourself at times, you have a genuine sense o' humour! Good day Sameera!

priyanka.a.p said...

Didn't she worry, didn’t she care?
With some poems every now & then, its become a feel good affair!!

Continue the good work Sam !!

Ps: My 2 cents :)

Smiling cherries said...

wow very very well written :)

akanksha said...

First time here..loved it:-)

Red Handed said...

Hehehehhe so cute. Our life might be for Gods entertainment. Her personal actors...mostly comic.
Sooo cute u luk in tht click. Watte smile!

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