Friday, June 3, 2011

Let it go...

Dove, that flutters free in the sky
If I cage it won’t its beauty die?

Flower, which adorns a youthful tree
If I cut it will its grace survive?

Wind, that blows, twirls and swirls
If I hold it in my arms can I make it stay?

Moon, that lights up the lovely night sky
If I clasp it in my palm won’t the sight pale?

Love, wild, subtle and juvenile
If I lock it in my heart won’t I stop it grow?

Life , of worries, wishes and dreams..
If I could let it free, let it go!



Adam said...

Nice thought Sam.. :)

Amropali said...

'If'.. aren't we all trapped in this tiny little word.

Cindrella said...

thats a very good thought!! and words well put!!
Let go...let free...!!

aakash said...

only 'if' we could...
the world without the concrete walls and narrow thoughts would be much better a place 2 live in :)


Sameera said...

@Adam- Thanks :)

@Amropali- True!

@Cindrella- Thank you :)

@Aakash- Hey long time!
Very true..!

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