Thursday, June 9, 2011

The complaint list!

1. The sink that won't drain by itself

2. The voltage fluctuations  leave me sitting in a dim yellow light because the tube-lights won't switch on

3. The voltage fluctuations.. choke my fan and make it swirl like it is dying a silent death

4. My inability to keep my door open to let the wind gush around my room because I am too paranoid about the little kiddy next door who will irrespective of my time and mood want to play Goa-Goa, Aunty-Aunty or Baba-Baba (Don't ask.. what games!)

5. How annoying could it be to NOT use a speaker that can blast awesome music left right and center and fill your little home with some life.

6. The vehicle which is squeezing out all the stupid cash I could have mindlessly spent and felt little happy. Wait.. it is the repair guys who are killing my vehicle.

7.Mindless powercuts..! To come home and walk into darkness.

8. Clothes.. How do I wash them. The dhobi tore off my awesome kurta..! I have a pile of month old used clothes.  Have something stupid to wear for office.

9. Would girls die of they didn't crowd the loo for their little make-up sessions in the middle of work. What the heck..they spend 98% of the time staring at the monitor... what is their aim.. I mean.. do they want to seduce the monitor make it kiss them?

10. Clutter!! I have messed up my home :( it needs full on clean up!


Amropali said...

god!! now I feel like my making me very own complaint list. I can't help solve any of the above but at least we can crib in solidarity. :P

aakash said...

Hehehe... I know it's not fair but its humorous :P
especially the 9th point, nailed!


Vivek said...

Haha , A very long list of complaint , that we often has ..apart from...Point 9 Bang on Target ..

P.s : How are you doing ? coming to your space after a long time ..being out of place net access esp the social sites ..eeeh the big complain I had with the clients .. during Mumbai ..tour..

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