Monday, January 31, 2011

Magical Lanes

Conversations are like lanes. They can be like a highway on which words flow without hitch and jams. Stopping once in a while to pay toll while sipping a coffee. Just that the toll here is genuine smiles that express the joy of a person to have found someone (or some people)  who understands their words and actions like they do. Who knows a person like a person knows himself or herself. 

Conversations can also be those silent lanes lined with beautiful trees with flowers in full bloom. Where you discover a soul that belongs to you. You slowly walk. Talk carefully. Douse in the beauty of another person by the words spoken.Make your ears and other senses primary organs, live on by picking up tiny things your companion on this lane tries to show you. You can park yourself on a bench and stay in that lane a little longer. Linger on those moments that are rare. When a person walks you through his/her life on these lanes of conversations. When words like the hands of lovers mingle and bind.

Lanes that can be difficult to walk on are like conversations that are difficult to make. Usually one person emerges like a caring one and holds the other little one with words. Like mom who guards her child. Directs one's thoughts and helps one think better. To walk on the same lane and look at it with the same eyes but a different mind.

They can also be the lanes that are barren.  With no other person to talk to. A lane with complicated twists and turns bound to a destination unknown to you. Those conversations are like lanes on which we take up walks,alone, lanes on which we grow. They are the conversations we have with ourself. We walk around and finally reach a place we are comfortable with. A place where we believe we can put our journey to rest only to resume it again. A lane full of sights to forget and beauty to capture. A lane full of hidden treasures of one's nature. 

Conversations are miracles. They are those magical lanes that lead us to us and to others.


Sukanya said...

Conversations and lanes. Lovely comparison!! Never thought of this before. Good one!!


Amit Gupta said...

I loved this...

Why u never used to write like this before, i always wonder...what bug bit u :)

Victor Guerra said...

Good analogies. Well interpreted.

Raksha Bhat said...

The best of all are the silent lanes,the ones where so much just is...without saying:)

Sameera said...

@Sukanya- Thank you!! :)

@Amit- :)

Kya pata ab... discovered a hidden skill ;)

Thank you!

Wow..your line added little more value to the post. :)
Welcome to the blog!

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