Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You belong to?

"You belong to?" It is a straight forward question. The logical answer to it would be a place.But if you pause and think, rewind and re-look at your life. The answer to this question would have had million alterations. 

I belong to the beach when I laid my eyes on the moving waves and let the water brush up my feet, when I walked in that sand and sunk my fears deep, I took off from the ground let dreams build in the zephyr. I belong to the nature on the chilly morning when I was in awe of the beauty I was fortunate enough to see. I belong to my mom whenever I went crying and she took me in- nothing was spoken but conversations were made. I belong to my sister who caught hold of my hand and told her friends- this is my sister, with proud smile spread across her face.

I belong to all those who thought I was worthy of their conversations. To friends who put faith and shared their fears and little secrets. I belong to the arms that hugged me when in distress. The adamant friends who decided for me that I cannot be left to cry. Those crazy people who had more belief in my abilities than I ever did. I belong to my school- for putting up with all my mischiefs. Silly fights. Punishments.  Embarrassments. Victories. I belong to the guys who decided I was special irrespective of what I felt for them. I belong, in bits and pieces to all people I admire and adore for various reasons. 

I belong to the puppy that playfully jumped into my arms. I belong to grass I lied down on.  I belong to kid who wrapped his hand around my arm. I belong to the elderly with who chose that I accompany them for an evening stroll.

It could be the photographs, images, food, places, conversations and million other indescribable teeny-weeny things that stirred my existence and added little meaning to it. I belong to all of it.

And people ask, "You belong to?" Now, can you give the answer? Is it a place?


sucheta said...

beautiful :)

Yuvika said...

very thoughtful...i remember going to an eye doctor for a general checkup in Chennai - and she asked me "so where do you belong to"...and I was stumped - No ready answer came to mind...I asked her - u mean my hometown? She said ofcourse!
It isn;t that simple, right?

Gaurav Rathi said...

Good one sammera :)
You also belong to Chennai....

Annika said...

Lovely Sam.Now u "Belong to" a league of thinkers :)

Vijitha Valsalan said...

Beautiful post Sam!

Adam said...

super.. :) Very well written Sam..

Sameera said...

@Sucheta- Thank you! :)

@Yuvika- Yep it isn't! :)

@Gaurav- Aye.. CG. Chennai Gaurav!

@Annika- Thank you :D lol!

@Vijitha- :)

@Adam- Thank you!!

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