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We travel to various destinations to find some break from the routine. I have always wondered what makes this tick? The new place or the fact we will be mentally and literally moving away from what bores us. Either ways we all have our journeys mental and otherwise which we embark on to find some grounding and stretch ourselves back into the track.

"My purpose trip" would be all the countless trips I took to the Bangalore Airport. Oh.. no is it not a boring place to be. In fact it is my grounding destination (ironically!) where I mentally prepare myself for the days to come while shuttling between college and home.
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Over anxious, I always decide to leave a little early and I land up 3 hours before the necessary formalities begin. Two trips and my brain could gauge the time required to reach the Airport. But somehow I figured out that I loved the time I spent there and made no effort to change it. I obviously prefer to travel alone. It is like a place a destination where I can stay alone in the crowd.

I have some Airport rituals.. I always have a book, I eat at one place and I enter only via the left hand most gates (the security guard there is more pleasant). He smiles unlike the one manning the other gate. He cross checks my face with suspicious eyes while he looks at my ID proof, a driving license issued on my eighteenth birthday. Now.. six years is a long time too bad they don’t allow us to update photos.  Am I to blame? Then, there it is. I step in and find a sense of peace. The big glassy walls shielding me from rest of the world, arriving at junction from where I could go anywhere. The only constraint, already having a ticket and being bound to a destination.

I normally book by Go Air, they allow me to get my boarding pass little early and then I move to the first floor of the B’lore airport. I love how the washrooms are strategically located. Just when you climb up and realize you might want to use the loo before the security blah is done. Voila!! Other plus points for the place is definitely the medical store in the right place!

After the boring security checks, I reach my most favourite spot. If the phrase “between the devil and deep blue sea” had to be built in worldly life, it would be this.  One finds oneself torn between catching the flight and getting lost in the over priced but still a shopper’s miniature paradise. As usual I get myself a book from the crossword , (that’s a big task- they have limited collection there!) grab a bite at the Indian food court which serves what seems like NRI (Not recognizable as Indian) food.  I park myself on the comfy chair bang opposite the flight schedule display board. In case of a good book, I get immersed in the book and don’t look at anybody. But, in case I am stuck with a book I blew up my money on. I engage myself in people watching. Building stories around their behaviour, sometimes matching the playlist on my mp3 to tune their moods…

What I love about it is the randomness and the routine.  A destination where I can sit all by myself and watch people play their roles and live there lives. While I just sit back and rest, slowly untangle my own issues. A place to contemplate on how I have been. A place where I can just be. A place to unwind between destinations, a place to take my mental journeys and holidays. 

I'll end this post with few lines from Lenka's song thats sums up "My purpose trip to the Airport"

I'm just a little bit caught in the middle. Life is a maze and love is a riddle, I don't know where to go........I've got to let it go, And just enjoy the show

You can vote for my photo here (it is not allowed to click pictures at Airport so I had to come with my own image) 

This post is written for "Cleartrip. My Purpose Contest- Indiblogger"


Anonymous said...

Hi. love the way you come up with images to explain a point.

Victor Guerra said...

Very well written Sameera. The aspects you have covered very well justifies your liking and the attachment towards the airport.

Sukanya said...

Ahh.. Airports :) I love them !!! I love the souvenir shops, coffee lounges, restaurants, bookstores and of course people. Love to people-gaze at Airports. Nice post Sam :)


Raj said...

Very good writer you are... :)

Sameera said...

@Deepansh- Thank you!! Welcome to the blog.

@Victor- Thanks. :)

@Sukanya- Thanks.. Yay! Nice to know you love Airports too. (Phew! I am normal!:d)

@Raj- Hey! Thank you. Welcome to the blog!!

Mohan said...

Ah.. never gave so much importance to BIAL loos :)

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