Wednesday, January 12, 2011

24 and learning..

Birthdays come and go.. life keeps getting interesting. =)
  1. Learnt to save and learnt to spend
  2. Have been out of cash and have had excess of cash
  3. Have slapped and have been slapped
  4. Flunked  and  Aced  an exam
  5. Found good and bad friends
  6. Was taken advantage of and took advantage
  7. Have been shouted at and have been praised in public
  8. Disappointed some people at times and made some people proud
  9. Have been let down by many and have let down a few
  10. Misunderstood people and was misunderstood by people
  11. Learned to get angry and learned to calm down
  12. Have laughed at and have been laughed at
  13. Took care of someone close and was taken care of by someone close
  14. Shared my secrets and kept secrets for few
  15. Have been ignored and have ignored
  16. Took and gave advice
  17. Refused a job offer and took up a job offer
  18. Laughed and cried uncontrollably irrespective of the surroundings
  19. Won and lost sports matches
  20. Made and lost a few friends
  21. Respected people and was respected
  22. Made use of some opportunities and lost a few
  23. Talked my heart out to some and have lent my ear to a few
  24. Have been embarrassed and have been proud of who I am       


Sukanya said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sameera :) Wish u all the happiness you need!!

Amit Gupta said...

HB Sam, have a great year ahead! enjoy ur day


Vivek Chamoli said...

HI Sammy,

Wish You a very Happy B'day. And all your wishes and dreams come true this very year and years to come.


Take care.
Ks :)

Adam said...

fantastic.. :) Fitting post for a birthday! Happy birthday again!!

Vinitha said...

24 things....hhhmm... wondering how your list will look like when you are 100! :D

And hope that's how long you will live ;)
Have a blast Sam!

Susan Deborah said...

I wish you everything that needs to complete you mentally, spiritually and intellectually. I wish you many more happy and joyful birthdays.

Love and warm hugs,

Sameera said...

@Sukanya- Thanks a lot for the wishes!! :D

@Vivek- Thank you!!

@Adam- :) Thank you.

@Vinitha- lol.. this is the editied version of learning.. every year we learn a million things.. :D By 100th birthday if I still blog... I will be in world records ;)Thank you for the wishes!!

@Susan- Thank you for the beautiful wishes. :)

Dhanya said...

Belated birthday wishes sweetheart! And a very happy new year too. From your post, I have figured that you have almost experienced everything that you should before you hit your mid-20s! Way to go :D

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