Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple Discomfort!

Poetry Type: Refrain (One line repetition)

When you walk in the crowd,
And we steal glances.
At times catching myself laughing,
On the silly things you say.
I see what I feel for you.

Some attempts to show,
Your better side.
I pay stark attention,
Pick up little good things.
I see what I feel for you.

The days when my friends,
Laugh about your dumb jokes.
And I ruthlessly defend,
My illogical belief in your genius brain.
I see what I feel for you.

Those little moments when,
You stand somewhere close.
My ears picking up your every word,
Hearing you step away or near.
I see what I feel for you

My eyes trained to catch your image,
A silent hope that your’s,
Would catch mine.
I see what I feel for you.

The way you are now a changed man,
More to yourself in a silent corner.
Your heart thrown away,
To that lucky someone.
The contented silly smile,
I see what I feel for you.

But that’s just how crazy,
My sense will let me be.
Express a simple discomfort,
In a silly poem about how,
I see what I feel for you.


PS: F.I.C.T.I.O.N (don't get too many ideas!)


Adam said...

as always brilliant! :) but Who is this person? ;)
Kidding.. Great work Sam! And do keep writing poetry!

Sukanya said...

Nice one Sam...And that P.S actually makes me get some ideas :P

Sameera said...


Thank you!! Ha ha ha.. now added a PPS in the new poem. LOL!

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