Sunday, January 9, 2011

Butterfly mind

A butterfly is a tiny beautiful life of million colours. It forms different shades as it flutters by. It has no fixed destinations. It sits on what it pleases and flies when its interest ceases.

What different is our mind, beautifully coloured with a zillion thoughts? Fluttering in different directions? Restless at one time and focused as it rests. Moving from one thought to another one interest to another? Sometimes lazing like a butterfly pupa munching on leaves waiting for that moment to let wings adorn it. To turn from a cylindrical single coloured mass to a colourful butterfly with ability to fly as it pleases? Don’t we too wait for artistic thoughts, creative bends, that right mood to think important things through?

Like little kids who try to hold the butterfly by clipping its wings- we try to hold our mind to one thing. We try to focus. We hold it on. Like the delicate colourful wings of a butterfly our thoughts get tarnished by the pinch of the hold. We lose the focus. We become weak. Like a butterfly with damaged wings our mind rests paralyzed.

Letting go is all it takes to let you mind free. Like a little butterfly it will fly in different directions. It will shift places, take positions, sit near the light or sit in the dark. Fly around a flower or settle on a wall. But eventually the mind will rest. It will come and sit on your life -gaining the ability to think as you please. It will be calm if you ask it to be. If will be creative and fly off to return to the same place if you train it to do so. It will remain grounded if you teach it to be humble. It will be flamboyant and flash its colour if you pamper it too much. It will move in herds and choose colourful company or it will fly alone.

But all this will happen only if you let it fly and not clip its wings. If you don’t drag it down by burdening it with unnecessary extras. Like a butterfly the mind needs to be light. The thoughts like shades of colour should add beauty to the destination where the mind like a butterfly rests.

Mind like a butterfly should add beauty as it flutters by!


S said...

Wow what an analogy!
Have you heard of Butterfly effect?
It is used in the Chaos theory. It's very interesting.. read about it :)
And there's also a movie called Butterfly effect- it's one helluva awesome movie!

Sukanya said...

Very beautiful and really perfect... the butterfly and the mind !!! :)

Vinitha said...

Mind like a butterfly should add beauty as it flutters by!

Well-said! Brilliant post Sam :)

Vivek Chamoli said...

HI Sammy.

I really Liked your thoughts and your butterfly effects , in life we do learn a lot from this very beautiful creature even love is not so far ..we often compare it with.

Adam said...

Nice post Sam.. :) Thought provoking comparisons!

Sameera said...

@S Thank you! Ya.. I saw that movie.. its awesome!!

@Sukanya :) Thank you!

@Vinitha- Thank you!

@Vivek- ya.. interesting creature. Many analogies. Very true.

@Adam- Thank you!! :)

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