Saturday, October 30, 2010

Social -"Not"working

I am a free bird. Off the hook. I am back to the times when people will have to call to get in touch with me. They will have to be the real friends to actually know about my "status updates". I won't tweet to some random people. I won't be posting my pics to be viewed by 256+ "friends".

I did it. I am off any social networking site. I killed my Orkut account when I opened a FB account. Having two accounts embarrassed me somehow (I cannot justify it. Some inexplicable feeling). I had a twitter account. I did. I carelessly forgot its password and never got back to that site. For a person who has a full blown romance with blogging.. twitter appears to a be a trivial affair. Today I requested a password reset and deactivated the twitter account too.

Before you ask me how short lived this abstinence from Social Networking is going be.. let me share my true feelings* now (subjected to change in future). The websites did their best to keep me hooked. The FB page flashed the faces of people I interact the most with. It took the names of few friends and said "XYZ will miss you!". I didn't have a second thought. I went ahead and deactivated. I clearly know... to interact with these people.. I don't need the crutch of a social network space. I will happily go back to the times of emails. The twitter bird shed tears and said "I will miss you!". I was touched . No sarcasm. Look at the amount of effort they take to make the digital displays -human and pump the buzz of social space into these networks.

I have bad record. I have deleted my Orkut account ...twice[:P]. Two of my blogs both of which lasted for more than a year with 200+ posts. So, FB and twitter wasn't that painful. I won't say I won't get back to the Social Craze. I might get back. But for the experience I have had so far. I might find a new approach to this whole concept.


Vijitha Valsalan said...

MySpace - the irony...isn't it! :-D
Take your time...I know you'd be back (in some form). :-)

Sameera said...


Yuvika said...

oh boy! u;ve done it!!
i am infrequent on orkut, wavering off from twitter, regular on blogspot and spamming on FB :(...inspite of that, believe it or not I kind of understand u :)

Susan Deborah said...

Sameera, honestly good for you. I am with you on this. Though I have accounts in Orkut and FB, I am not quite a frequent. I have many times thought of deleting my account in FB but keep it as many friends from outside India keep in touch through that. As for Blogging, the romance continues.

Kudos to ye.

Joy always,

Vinitha said...

Sam! You don't cease to surprise me! So you are off FB?! What the.......!!!

Joking! But seriously? You quitting something'll be back with a bang in the same!(given your history!)

Sameera said...

@Yuvika: :)

I understand.. I had similar issues. How will I keep in touch with so many old friends who are now in different places..? But ya.. I guess I needed a break for all.


Lets see.

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