Friday, October 29, 2010

55 Fiction #1 : A day

A beautiful dress, confident look. A friendly smile. Beautiful morning. Broad daylight. A jump in her walk. Little joy her heart. A bike rides by. Some random shout. Unpleasant. Unwelcoming. Disgusted. Unsafe. Irritated. Frustrated. Anger. No age. No race. No religion or place. Few men everywhere manage to kill the joy of being a woman.


Susan Deborah said...

But we should never lose that oasis of peace and calm, no matter what.

Congrats on your new venture. Great that you are channeling your writing to different forms. Best wishes for more.

Joy always and a super weekend,

Sameera said...

@Susan: True.

Thank you.

Hope you have a wonder weekend too Susan.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how you can express so much using such a little pool of words. I really amazed. And it is true, men always find ways to sadden a woman. I completely accept that. And men sadistically do it, most of us do that. And what the more, India is competing in this and i hate that. I hoped better from Indian teens, male ones. After all the cultures that flourished here, irrespective of religion, there were dharmas that were followed. women were treated pious, pure and with respect. Now, we men are blind. Jaha dekho, "baaaap...ladki kaisi hein...." blah blah.. as you said, abusive..words which cannot be put here.. things should change.. men should.
thank you. :)
i thank because, being a man, i get least encouragement to make my thoughts clear about these issues. because, if i say the same words with my classmates, they tease me. i dont fear that, i just will calm myself saying..
"retribution will come"...

and the most utter thing is feel is, 'how we men dare do such idiocy,abuses to women, the mother gender. hope the world learns. there is doom we are bringing unto ourselves. hope, WE MEN understand.
thanks anyway.. i loved the post.

Sameera said...

Thanks blackandwhiteheart-!

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