Friday, October 15, 2010

Two shows

I happened to attend a live concert. With the little MBA dented head and skewed perception of mine. All I could think about was - How the crowd was being managed?, Checking the systems in the place, getting the performers be there on time, selling an experience. I know. SICK. Thats what I thought about myself too. Thankfully this thought process shifted to an altogether different channel when my friend made very impressive negotiations with the police officers and we reached the green room. I was soaking in every possible sensory signal in that room. That was the closest I ever got to dance and art literally and figuratively.Colourful costumes,bright confident people, some strange energy..  Everything was interesting. It was all new. 

The evening was magical. Amazing dance compositions by Ms. Nirupama and Mr. Rajendra and their team took us to another world altogether. One easily forgot the muddy puddles beneath one's feet. Forgot the presence of some 5000+ odd people in the surrounding. It was dance, music, colour and you. Thats it. The moment froze. It couldn't get any better. In the later half of the evening we witnessed the power house called Sonu Nigam. Brilliant energy . How he engrossed the entire crowd. We clapped and rooted for more as he sang. The energy of the crowd was contagious. 

There was another show LIVE on our campus. It was also equally magical. 5 people fought it out and won the opportunity to work in a reputed organization. Here also we had these celebrities. They walked out victorious and drove the crowd into frenzy with a shared happiness. This too transported us to different worlds. A world of dreams for some, a world of anxiety for some. A state of abeyance for a few. But all happy in a strange manner. At times you miss your beats.. you fall out of sync... it is just not your tune. While you find your rhythm... it is wiser to dance to the victory of others on your way to yours. That energy shall take you further. 


Vijitha Valsalan said...

Loved the last few lines...Beautifully put!
And great to find you back to where you belong - the blogosphere! :-D

Sameera said...

Thank you Vijitha!!


Vinitha said...

Whoa... someone apparently was out of blogging for good. And now I find two new ones ;)
Next time, I know better when you say the curtains are down! :D

Btw, welcome back...and good start! All the best for placments :) Don't worry; it shouldn't be tough for you.

Sameera said...

Vinitha : =P Needed a break.. wanted to change the writing style a bit. Somewhere at the back of the mind I knew I'd be back to blogging. Glad you like the new style.

Thank you for the wishes. =]

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