Friday, February 11, 2011


My eyes lock on pretty dresses,
My skin demands some care.
I never bothered ever before,
But now I brush my hair!

My cupboard suddenly houses,
kurtas and a floral top.
My shoes are silently ignored,
My feet in dainty sandals hop.

A desire to look fine and nice,
No, it is not any of the guys.
I have no reason to tell lies,
No logical ground for this caprice.
Just the girl in me, I surmise.


PS: Reality! :d

[Very soon.. I will be banned for abusing use of PS! :P ]


Victor Guerra said...

If it's not for the guys.
Hats off! You are really wise.

Raksha Bhat said...

':)'...its all about being a girl...there are so many fun things to do apart from the not-to-dos we get to hear:) is so happening being a girl..its a pride being one!:)

Good morning and a good day Sam:)

S said...

Just the girl in you!

Smiling cherries said...

Girly girly u :P

Sameera said...

That's a creative response..thanks!! :D

:D ya.. enjoying being a girl!!


@Smiling cherries

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