Thursday, February 10, 2011

55 Fiction #10 Weary Admirer


I remain uncaught
Every time I stare
While you are so unaware,
It’s my moment of despair!
Don’t you have a need to know
Or a moment to spare?
Can’t you see glint of love
In friendly smiles we share?
My heart reaching out to you
In words I string with care.
~ Weary Admirer

Pic courtesy: (=P)

PS: there is a inspiration- but I am not the Protagonist! 


Sukanya said...

Ahha another one :) PS again!! Its ok Sam, you dont have to do this all the time!! We get it :) But the consistent flow of romantic fictions stir me up to think otherwise :P

Good One :)


Vijitha Valsalan said...

Hehe! I know the look of the 'weary admirer'! ;-)

Good one!

S said...

Is it the imminent Valentine's day effect? :P

p.s: I shall refrain from commenting on the PS :D

Adam said...

:) Good one Sam.. But why weary?? :P

Yuvika said...

oh i loved this one!

Sameera said...

@Sukanya- lol!! Long history for adding PS. :P
The romantic fictions..err.. honestly I am surprised too ;)

@Vijitha- :) [Just some random pic.. the guy looked nice and the expression was perfect! ;)

@S- Ha ha ha.. Not the Valentine's day.. just picking up vibes from surroundings. :P


@Adam- :)

@Yuvika- Thanks... :D

Vijitha Valsalan said...

@ Sam - No no! I didn't mean this dude! I have seen it for real, is what I meant. :-P ;-)

Sameera said...

@Vijitha- Oh!! :P

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