Thursday, February 24, 2011


Of the million ways that humans communicate in, the simplest form of communication is via expressions. The beauty of the whole thing is-expressions communicate to us with unbelievable clarity.

Not only does a smile on someone’s face communicate their joy but it infects us. It makes us feel. It touches us somewhere. Same is with pain, the long face; the lowered eyelids pinch our heart. Or at least make us think once as to what would have caused so much pain for the other person. What made him or her sad? Like this there are various other expressions of surprise, joy, fun, shock, disgust, so many of them… and we decode them all. We sense them, we feel them, and we internalize them. Now won’t that equip us with better ability to understand one another?

But we look for smarter options. We are always waiting for people to speak up, tell us things, discuss. At the same time, we always want to share what we feel, we want at least one soul who will lend us an ear and listen to what we have to say and understand it in the way we want them to understand it.  

And how easy it is to trace a fake expression! Haven’t we all caught it? We did. But we rely on explanations, theories and words. Tell me can you capture in words the joy in the heart of child when he plays, that laugh on his face? Can you capture in words the pride on the face of a father of a worthy son? Can you explain to in words the love that shows on the face of a mom as she cooks food for you.. or will I understand what it means when I see her eyes as she watches you eat?

Words by themselves will always fall flat.. unless you emote, liberate, and let an expression loose. Unless you show the cheer on your face when happy, a stern face when you are angry, a glint in your eye when you talk of love..!  And if someone still misunderstands you .. run for your life. Cause if they don't sense your expression.. they cannot be a human.


Hashir Tufail said...

Nice post Sam.... and although I agree with you completely, I personally find it easier (at times) to hide my expressions.... better than explaining what went wrong.

S said...

Your are right.
I am a communication graduate. And we had an entire chapter on Non-verbal communication. It is amazing how we communicate so much without realising. Body language is also a big revelation.

Raksha Bhat said...

Sometimes even silence speaks the most.You have a tag on my blog for Women's Day,do check out:)

Good day:)

Harsha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sameera said...

Ya there are always exceptions! I agree.

You are a communication graduate..! Wow.. nice to know that! I completely agree with you on the body language part..!


Good day to you too! :D

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