Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why I read [Tag]

Nay! I am not for the TAGs and TAGging..I think it throws your readers off track. It appears like a little misfit post on your blog. (don't you think?)

But this one I could delay but couldn't pass. I love reading and Yuvika Tagged me here so that I can tell everyone why- so here it is:

I never, never , never ever read as a kid. I was more like learn from people and not from books kind. I had lot of child philosophies against books. And I had believed that fiction is pointless. How ironic that I aim to publish a fiction book some day. So, for that half of my early life, I was the kid who read books on science facts, self help, body laguage.. blah blah blah when my happy friends went "aww.. " and "how nice!"on Sweet Valley, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Harry Potter and likes.

So, the first book I actually read was  "Da Vinci Code" which I spotted on father's bookshelf. I read and that was the day I got hooked to fiction books. The way the author had twisted and tricked my mind with words giving me a feeling as though I was witnessing the entire drama in person was fabulous. I picked up couple of more books by Dan Brown and finished all his works in no time. Since, then I had been on look out for suggestions from some well read crowd to direct me where to start reading from. I slowly braved and moved to Paulo Coelho, Ayn Rand and some light reads like Arthur Hailey and Sidney Sheldon. So that was when I read because I was taken over by the power of these writers to create something that lingers on your mind for days and years after you shut the book. I can still feel that burn at the tip of my toes when I think of the Cardinal being burned in Angels and Demons. I can smell chanel 5 when I read Sidney Sheldon describe the lady in the plot. I read to have my tricked, to have my mind played for a while, to escape from this time and transport to where the writer wants me to be. 

I random read lot of quotes and essays. I read them with the sole objective of gaining a little wisdom and they never fail me. There was also a phase when I read lot of poetry just to be aware, to know how the well respected poets write. 

At a later stage I had this sudden interest in Indian Authors. I read and re-read the works of few authors and got addicted to the writings of few stopping only when I figured out I had read every word written by him/her.  That was then time when a hope was seeded in my mind, that I too could write. After some glorious failed attempts and struggling with my sub standard English. I finally hit it off with the short fiction and we are going strong. :P Now, if you have a look at my bookshelf you can tell, I am heavily intoxicated by the short stories. I get these short story books from the library. I buy these short stories on Flipkart. I read these short stories on the net. And, each author has a style, a topic close to their heart and they all have a way with words with their readers and I read  to learn. So, now my reading is mostly like a learning exercise and I am sure having fun applauding some great short stories. 

To conclude: I read because there is a takeaway. 

@Yuvika- I hope I didn't disappoint you. :)

I will leave this post without tagging anyone. Just pick it up if you like the tag idea.


Red Handed said...

I was sooooo devoted to DA VINCI CODE that I actually used to watch watever Discovery channel used to show regarding it. :P

I used to be an avid reader, now stopped :(

Defiant Princess said...

its never too late to start reading :)
I do love reading but dont really get a my hands on a lot of books, blame the dearth of good libraries in my city!
But yes, I was a nancy drew fanatic, still a harry potter lover.. and a Paulo Coelho fan!
Havent read many books by Indian authors though.. you can suggest me some if you'd like.

KP said...

Look how life changed you..! from science to fiction, Nice list and some are my fav too.. like Dan Brown, Sheldon and Ayn Rand.. !

Sameera said...

@Red- I am certain you will continue.:)

@Defiant Princess- Yes, it is never too late. Indian Authors- I personally love Shashi Deshpande, Jhumpa Lahri, Khushwant Singh, Mukul Raj, selected works of Anita Nair.

@KP- I am amazed myself.. how much I read these days. :)Sheldon- I love his "Master of the Game." Ayn Rand's "Anthem" is a classic. Dan Brown- all his books are nice!

Rahul said...

Here's hoping you write a lovely book one day.Can I get a free copy please????:-D

Yuvika said...

You did it and boy, I am so glad - we all got to know so much more about you - and the fact that you write amazing fiction will surely see you publishing your own fiction work very soon!

Thanks and best wishes :)

Sameera said...

@Rahul- If I do publish. I will remember that.

@Yuvika- :) Thanks a lot Yuvika. Phew. Lets hope it works out well. :)

Zeba said...

Nice. That book is interesting. I loved it too.. We now seem to share a passion for reading!! :-)

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