Thursday, October 20, 2011

Camera Crazy [Poem]

Twice I had kept aside a thirty grand
Saving rupee by rupee, clutched in my hand
I longed to wear that Nikon strap around neck
Have a SLR that shoots, even a dusty speck

The first time spent it on a jolly trip
A vacation with mom, the camera I could skip
Little burnt, little sad, I waited for a month more
But the cherished times, healed my sore

The second time I enquired, joyful and glee
I had enough cash to be paid as fee
Then a sudden call came from a kin
A worry I could solve with the cash in my tin

Now, the third time, I have planned -all it takes,
On January 12th, an SLR would click my birthday cakes
Now, suddenly an opportunity has come for a tour
I might have a reason to travel to Singapore

Can I manage both, I was questioning myself?
Little math and a negative answer presented itself
Now I sit and wonder how ironic -this position
A place where I can click, or,  a camera in possession?

Why do you need an SLR, had questioned a friend?
Do you wish to be a photographer, follow the trend?
Oh what the hell, I photograph well even today
Would a point and shoot, make the image –ugly and grey?

So, I find my misery of months suddenly futile,
A desire I held dear, Oh so juvenile
I would rather travel, see the world with a naked eye
Capture it in memory, the beauty of the sky!


P.S: True Story :)


henry J said...

simply superb. keep it up.

Life is Beautiful! Watch this Short Video clip.
Life is beautiful, the way it is...

Bushan said...

hahah....first time ever i liked a poem :)...very nice!

Susan Deborah said...

This is so very true, Sameera. For many months now, we've (my husband and I ) been thinking of buying an SLR. Well, money gets spent or our commitments seem a bit too much. SO for now, the SLR can wait.

Joy always,

P. S: We don't even own a digi cam :( My mobile is all. Sad, na.

Sameera said...

@Henry J- Thanks!

@Bharat- Thanks yaar..! :)

@Susan- NO.. NO.. NO. Susan- don't feel bad about that. That is what this poem is about. How stupid and childish it is to run behind that camera craze. The last two paras sum it all up. How one should rather travel and see everything with the eye than long for a camera and spend the time behind the lens. Unless ofcourse it is your career or you aim to be a freelance photographer.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Sameera - this is delightful - the writing and the choice. Without being offensive to anyone, I always have a mental image of Japanese tourists running madly to get great shots of sites, so that perhaps they could view them later (or torture their friends with slideshows!!). I always wondered at their frenzy and pitied them for not enjoying the beauty of the moment!

Red Handed said...

Nothing like an SLR!
Just me and the SLR walking down the streets of Cochin :D
Great lines..

Bongo said...

I love this..i want an SLR but it's no where near possible at this stage of my along come m phone and the pictures hence always....XOXOXOXOXO

JANU said...

SLR is my dream too...but well written.

Rahul said...

Your eye is a better camera than any SLR they come up with in the next hundred years.And your mind is a better photo-studio than a lot many that existed,exists and will ever come to exist.#true story#:-)

Saru Singhal said...

Sam, this is beautiful...:) Totally rocking:)


umashankar said...

Sameera, I have a four worded sentence:

Go Get a DSLR!

Martha J. M. Orlando said...

Love this! You have quite the dilemma here and expressed it so well!


Yuvika said...

ohh i loved this piece - and the ending....

Mary said...

My camera is one of the most expensive items I own. Trust me, knowing that I could never replace it, I guard it with my life LOL. Great poem! Love your site :)

Aman Deshmukh said...

haha, this was a fun, light read! And I could relate to it too! Keep it up! =)

Prabhavathi said...

So nice Sam...

Sameera said...

@Corinne- Thank you! Oh now that image is stuck to my head, Japanese tourists with camera :d Happy weekend! :)

@Red- SLR is AWESOME. That is true.

@Bongo- :)

@Janu- Thanks! :)

@Rahul- Well said!

@Saru- Thank you so much Saru. Glad you liked it! :) Happy Weekend!

@Umashankar- :D Some day.. some day.. but not today!

@Martha- Thank you!! My warm wishes! :)

@Yuvika- Thanks- the ending was the purpose of the poem. Glad you loved it. :) Happy weekend Yuvika!

@Mary- Ha ha ha.. yes yes, keep guarding it.:) Thank you for stopping by! My warm wishes!

@Aman- lol! I know.. sometime I really know God is playing a joke. I might as well laugh! :d

@Prabhavthi- Thank you!! :D

Megha Sarin said...

Very nice Sameera. :-) POint and Shoot camera is good too and even your naked eye.

PeeVee™ said...

:D How well described!! I like:)

Nitin Jain said...

my sob story has been running on for almost 15 months now :( ! Good to be in the company of other sobbers :)

Ambika said...

haha so true.. a lot many people have super fancy DSLRs these days, but the eye and the perspective in photography is what matters, I've realized. No fancy gadgets matter :-)

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