Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thanks for the memories..

Thanks for the memories, I whisper into the air
Let it rove and halt, to find you somewhere

I see your blurred image, behind my shut eyes
A familiar stranger, I am caught in surprise

I've known you, I know- but I know not how
Let life unfold this mystery endowed

Thank you is all, I can hear myself say
For I find not better words-that can repay!


P.S.: This poem is inspired by the novel- "Thanks for the memories" by Cecelia Ahren

Few classic lines from the novel..."How close happiness and sadness are. So closely knitted together. Such a thin line, a thread-like divide that in the midst of emotions, it trembles, blurring the territory of exact opposites. The movement is minute, like the thin thread of a spider's web that quivers under a raindrop. "

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