Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful Enigma!

I waited long to find an answer
I met a gardener, a child and a dancer
Tell me what real beauty is, I asked
Teach me to see beyond the masked

The gardener walked me through the grass
Showed me a beauty none can surpass
Real beauty is like the miracle land
Unkempt mind tilled, with one’s own hand

I asked the kid, what real beauty is
A pair of lips which on my wounded knee kiss
A hand that holds and wipes my tears
A heart I can open to and scare away my fears!

What is real beauty , I asked a dancer
Self-belief, self -pride was the simple answer
Real beauty is to feel at home in your skin
It is to feel the beauty, feel the dance within!

Real beauty to me, to you, is a different hue
But all our definitions are very true
For real beauty lies in each one of us
Beauty in different ways, we all posses!


This poem is written as a part of 

Dove Real Beauty on Yahoo! India


Vijitha Valsalan said...

Now this one I like. :-)
Interesting way of putting across the message of real 'beauty'. Good luck for the contest!

Sameera said...

:) Thanks!

Amar said...

Beautiful poem..It's something which you don't want to miss at any cost! Superb and fantastic :)..And i loved your perception..Real beauty i different ways we all possess! Brilliant! :)

Take care :)

Also if you feel like watch my post at -

Neeraj Kumar said...

fantabulously creative. Hats off!!!!!

Best of luck for the contest.

And keep writing such pearls of words that blind the eyes with sheen of your brlliant creativity.

Cindrella said...

thats a beautiful poem!!! different people different perspectives!!!


Sameera said...

@Amar- Thanks! :) btw.. I did check your post- beauty i the life of a woman.. nice. Couldn't leave a comment because of some blogger glitch.

@Neeraj Kumar-:) Thanks!!

@Cindrella- :) Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

What contest? - Thej Kumar

sowmya said...

wow! i loved this poem beautiful!! :)

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