Monday, May 16, 2011

Autumn Maroon..

Hope flickers but dazzles like a clouded moon
Love slipped into deep slumber with no one to commune
But silken warmth still threads the heart like a cocoon
Waiting for a shade of the Autumn Maroon...

Like the roads that lay hidden, beneath the maple hue
Mundane days hide paths, that would lead to you
Though not a hint of direction or a dim clue
Faith wraps around my mind, and I pull through

I know, love is a wind one cannot chase
Like seasons of nature-with time it will embrace
Yet restlessness sets in, but no worry nor haste
A desire for search to meet the end, when our worlds interlace..



Ambika said...

Love this bit "silken warmth still threads the heart like a cocoon"! Sameera are you participating in the River of Stones' a-stone-a-day project? Here's the link if you're not already in it,

Disha said...

I absolutely love reading your poems! :)

Sameera said...

@Ambika- Glad you liked it!

@Disha- Oh thank you so much! :D

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