Monday, May 9, 2011

55 Fiction#12 Sprinklers

Hiding under an umbrella she blurted out “You told me it will rain! I ate my vegetables. You cheated!”

This adamant tiny little creature- her own flesh and blood had learnt to pull out the strings of her heart and leave her in mayhem.

The lawn sprinklers were turned on. Finally, a smile brought peace.

PS: Happy Mother's Day!!


Anonymous said...


Smiling cherries said...

u wrote this story ?

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Really cute :)

Sameera said...

@Daniel Joshi- Aha.. nice to finally see you on the blog. Thanks!

@Manasa- Yeah! I did.

@Corinne- =)

Ambika said...

Sweet :) She was forced to eat her veggies, haha..

Yeah, the frog's a naughty looking one, I liike it too!

Smiling cherries said...

loved it :)

S said...

Brought an instant smile on my face!
perfect on a harrowing afternoon :)

Sameera said...

@Ambika: :) Yeah that frog has a naughty look.. it reminds me of the crazy frog. :P

@Manasa- :D

@S- :) Glad.

Abhra Pal said...

Good work. I read all your short fictions but I liked this most!

Anonymous said...

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