Sunday, September 18, 2011

Whirling leaf

I am a whirling leaf -with zest in my soul
As, lifeless, I float, to no where
Fallen from tree, into movement of wind
A granted blessing, of a humble prayer

Once clinging, living, feet tied to a bark
Bonding to every strand of life
Merry green and tender when born
Being bound to a place, my only strife

I swayed with the wind, I poured out my heart
Tell me what it feels- like, to fly?
In the end when I am a fallen leaf,
Would you hold me in your arms, when I die?

Take me to where, ever you go
Till I dry, crumble, touch the ground
Let the gust, tear me apart
But grant my wish, let me glide- unbound



sowmya said...

ohh god...this is amazing! soulful poem!
do write more poems!
now i am ur great fan/ac :P what ever it is ...

keep smiling always :)

p00ja said...

Lovely words...we all want to be able to fly, but there's so much in each one of us that we are forever burdened by useless stuff.

Chintan said...

very nicely ended....that's what we all wish for too....

Saru Singhal said...

These lines are so beautifully crafted, 'I swayed with the wind, I poured out my heart,tell me what it feels- like, to fly?'. Lovely poem and deep thoughts!

Ambika said...

The free spirit waiting to break free! Can draw parallels to our lives!

KP said...

That is really nice! wishing to fall away like a dried leaf.. and still loving the air that takes it with..
loved it!

Rituparna said...

That was so touching. It depicts all that we desire from out lives. Loved it.

Dr.Rekha Jithin said...

beautiful words.

SUB said... free....

lovely lines :)


Sameera said...

Thank you so much everybody! :)

Rajendra Raikwar said...


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