Friday, September 16, 2011

Leaves [Analogy]

Ever taken time out to feel the life in a leaf? Breathing respiring, digesting- living. I would like think of our lives like that of the leaves. We all breath, survive and live. We all are different. One may be a leaf that blazes red and falls in the Autumn. Some leaves may be multicolored, some battling the unfamiliar bugs/insects eating onto their lives. Some like the mulberry sacrificing lives to be eaten for the birth of another life. Swaying, swinging, getting drench in the rains , living- living. 

Like all the leaves that look very different, that grow in different seasons, that have different life spans that survive in different geographic areas. Our lives, are the same. Some can withstand the blows of deep emotion. Some scrap off their lives without feeling a pinch, some wither and fall out losing hope some withstand and adapt. Some adore the snowfall and get bogged down by it's burden but, remain fresh underneath. Some grow to great heights. Some bend to see sunlight, some need to touch the flowing water  and some need to feel the joy of the wind. 

But whatever it does, it will never cease to be a leaf, it will never exist in independence, it is a part of a tree and it should breath- live and the tree lives. Each leaf working for a greater cause some cautious of it, some naive, innocent. Each leaf wherever it be- it will hold it's chest proud in the sunshine and soak in the rains, it will lick the snow atop and it's only goal is to breathe. 


Chintan said...

:) only when i did a project in school :)

aakash said...

That's an interesting thought.. There is so much life around us that we often ignore. It is a beautiful world, isn't it? :)


Saru Singhal said...

I think it's a fresh and unique concept towards life. Beautifully written and very profound.

sowmya said...

wow green thoughts! if u have presented it in poem it might have been really a very good piece!
the concept & expression is marvellous! :)

Sameera said...

@Chitan- Yaa.. those school projects.Peepal leaf was the most sought after leaf.. I remember.

@Aakash- Yep! :D

@Saru- Thank you!

@Sowmya- Thank you Sowmya!

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