Friday, September 23, 2011

The third kind

How often do we debate about Love marriage vs Arranged marriage? We discuss the pros and cons and I am amazed by people who take a side and defend it. Let me introduce you to the third kind. I belong to this clan.

The third kind:

We are a breed who snickers at people juggling relationships in search of true love. We are the kind who cannot wrap our minds to the concept of arranged marriage/love marriage.  So yes, we are the little lost kids of destiny who have no inclination to take the either of the path in front of us and have no idea what so ever, how to find  our mates.  Our attitude and behaviour is infectious and we can hurl ghastly blows to 'in love' and 'arranged to be married' couples or the mixture of both.

How to identify us:
  • 1. If you tell us you love us- we will probably laugh and roll on the floor which might cause you to change your mind.
  • 2.  We are usually, perpetually single. We are not mushy and lovesick, nor do we have any dream hero/ dream girl description to tally matrimonial profiles with.  We don’t know you see!
  • 3. We are far away from the worldly description of “a suitable bride/groom” and “an ideal girlfriend/boyfriend”. We don’t know how we will be as companions.  Our mind says it will depend on who we finally get tagged with.

Why we don’t get into relationships:
  • 1. We hate the whole cycle of – infatuation, dating, in relationship, fights, breakup – poof! We are anyway distressed souls so we leave the drama for the rest of the crowd.
  • 2.  Even if it ends on a happy note- we don’t have the patience to reach the stage till you figure out you can live your life in our company.
  • 3.  We can be romantic ( psst. read the love poetry I write) enough to confuse you that we are inclined to love. The reality is- we like the idea.. we don’t like the process. And don’t assume we are the sorry heartbroken people. We probably talk about it to ensure ourselves there is an organ that beats in our ribcage.

What we don’t like about arranged marriages:
  • 1. Brainless educated jackasses in search of a “disciplined”, fair, slim girl. :d in short an impressive looking doormat :P or a Phoren settled well off chap, a ticket to USA! ;)
  • 2. Your FB page and blogs telling us your parent(s) has no clue about the son/daughter you are and that the profile that they have created was keeping in mind what you were like a million light years ago.
  • 3. Uploading/Sending pics that look like mug shots taken in rented clothes! The idea of you probably judging us, “Oh can I sleep with that?” – It is sickening!

 But we are a human form and yes we look out for company. I am particularly interested in the penguin style of finding a mate by singing- the song of heart? But,because I am no singing sensation beyond the walls of my home and my happy feet don’t tap. I guess that is not an option.  So, ending on a happy note with song of the heart courtesy: Happy Feet :D


Ambika said...

Interesting, I can totally understand this phase, and am I glad it has passed! I like the part on why you dislike arranged marriages, lol!

Red Handed said...

Lol...i dont know if i too come under this category.I am into all THUMBS UP for Love marriage because it seems too challenging for me. An arranged marriage is too unpredictable and boring.

Yuvika said...

lol - a very interesting variety - i wud have stopped at that but the optimistic (read incurable) romantic in me compels me to warn u - wait till u "fall" in love :D

Chintan said...

Its too late for me to join your kind! I always liked the idea, but never got the time to try it :(


Saru Singhal said...

That's pretty interesting and now I know why people called me abnormal before marriage as I was the 'third kind'. lol....I have love cum arranged, met class mate after 11 years on Orkut, he proposed, I accepted and then families joined in. But believe me, he had to do a lot of convincing to drag me out of that third kind...Nicely written...

Vijitha Valsalan said...

I like!! :-D ;-)

sowmya said...

wow nice post!

Sameera said...

@Ambika- yep strange phase.

@Red Handed- :P think over it.. it is not a good category to be in.

@Yuvika- Ahem. Time shall tell :D

@Chintan- I would say.. nice.. you got away.. we are a minority. :)

@Saru- Thanks. Happy to know about your story *touchwood*

@Vijitha- I someone knew.. this will be a post you would leave a comment on. ;)

@sowmya- Thanks!

Kunal said...

Well..I think..there are many people of the third kind..Some times..we don't even know if we are of this kind... :)

And it is not have to not have to follow a script...

I like this kind of resonates :)

Sameera said...

@Kunal- Yep.. yep! :)

ES said...

There is a fourth kind - People who are against marriage itself because invariably, one partner has to have an upper hand in a marriage. And its damn boring to keep trying (without success) to have that upper hand in marriage for your whole life.

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